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... that is the question!

For many who are not seasoned in the art of body modification, the decision to pierce can be a tough one.


Will it look good on me?

We all know beauty is not only skin deep, but maybe you’re unsure if a certain piercing is fit for your body. Negative body image can greatly effect your decision and lead you to believe there are physical reasons your piercing won’t work out. Well, we’re here to tell you that if you take care of your body, that’s not true! Consult with your doctor to be certain of any health related issues that might complicate the piercing or healing process, or just ask your piercer. A professional will never pierce you if they feel it’s unsafe. And no need to feel self-conscious around these artists. A good piercer is compassionate about their work. After all, your body is their canvas.

Tongue Piercing

How bad is it going to hurt?

It's going to hurt. To see exactly what kind of pain we're talking, check out this post:
Which Body Piercing Hurts the Most?


What if it doesn’t heal?
Everybody knows somebody who’s had a piercing that didn’t heal properly or rejected. An easy way to avoid either of those from happening is to make certain you’re being pierced by a reputable artist. Doing it yourself or with the help of a friend is NEVER a good idea.
To ensure your professional piercing does heal properly it is advisable not to get pierced when you are sick, physically exhausted, or stressed. If you are on medications of any sort, reschedule your piercing appointment – it’s for your own safety. If you have sensitive skin and scar or bruise easily, the chances of a smooth healing process are lower. Any open wounds or piercings that are not fully healed yet can effect the healing process of a new piercing. Upcoming medical procedures should be taken into consideration, also, since removing body jewelry is often a requirement. Removing a piercing before the recommended healing time can cause serious infection.
As long as you follow proper piercing care instructions, your piercing will heal!

To be sure you are receiving a professional service, visit to find an artist in your area!

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