Tips For Traveling with Body Jewelry

Tips For Traveling with Body Jewelry

Hello, everybody. It is Friday. It's Alley. Excuse me, I'm a little under the weather, air conditioner's getting me really bad, and also I drove to Pittsburgh last night and drove in a freaking monsoon both directions. So I'm a little tired today. As you can see, I'm at home. I'm sure you guys will get to see my pets in a couple minutes here, they'll pop out, but I thought you guys would like to see my life a little bit today. I'm in my living room. I have a little comfy cozy room. Hello, everyone! Everybody's already popping in. Hi. Oh my goodness. We have so many his already. Oh my goodness. All right, cool.

So, again, as you can see, I'm at home. I have a bunch of my personal jewelry with me today, like all the hangers and stuff that I really love to wear daily. I have the septum rings that I really like to wear, the plugs that I like to wear, all my personal stuff that I puled right out of my jewelry box. Hi, Kelsey. You finally made it in time. I'm so happy. Good for you, girl. Hello, everybody. I love seeing everybody being so nice to each other already. Good day.

So, and also today, we have some tips and tricks for traveling with jewelry, and I have some really cool little hacks that I found that I really liked. Just for some stuff that I had never really thought of. 


So, as always, feel free to ask me questions, like in a couple minutes. Just give me a few minutes to start to get into everything. [inaudible 00:01:41] going to happen to me. Hello. Hello, little family. Hello, is it Aileen or Eileen, I have to ask? Because I don't know if you guys know this, but my legal name is Aileen, spelled with an A, A-I-L-E-E-N, and I go by Alley because it's a lot easier, and I don't always see that name so that was super cool, hello. I almost was like, "Oh, I'm talking. I'm commenting to myself." That wasn't true. Thank you, I love all of ... I love my tattoos too. I guess you should have probably thought about that. Thank you, Gloria. If you guys like my clothes, I've had a couple of different companies that I've been starting to work with that I'm going to have some codes and stuff where you guys get some discounts on some really cute tops and dresses and stuff. So if you're interested in that, make sure you're commenting. Nicole just bought some daith rings, and she's very excited to receive them. I'm so excited for you.

As always, I try to make sure I remind you guys a few times throughout the video, always hit me up on social media. I'm on Instagram and Snapchat all the time. That is so cool. Her name is Aileen like mine. That's so awesome. It doesn't happen very often. Sorry, guys, I got sidetracked. That straight up took me right off of what I was trying to say. I'm so excited about that. No, it went for me. This shirt is super old but I think I got it at, like, a little boutique and yeah, I'll make sure I'm sharing all these codes with you guys. I found some really awesome companies for that.

I can't believe I got that sidetracked already just by one comment. Is there any new word on the new monthly clubs? Oh, new monthly clubs are still in the works. It's not going to be a right away thing. I mean, I'm hoping to get that up and going as soon as possible, but I always try to let you guys know, there are steps that kind of go into things, and we have to iron out processes, making sure we can provide you guys with good services and good products. So there's a lot of little stuff that goes into this, and it's going to take a little bit of time, but it's going to be awesome. We've already decided on the next couple clubs, and we're ready to let everybody know. I will make sure that I'm on social media telling you guys all the time.

Oh, I know what I was telling you guys. I was telling you about social media handles. I'm on Instagram and Snapchat all the time, and you should always be sending me selfies when you get new jewelry in because not only do I love to see it, but I like sharing it on my social media feeds for you guys.

Hello, all the people that are coming in. Gloria just got tattoo number 17, that is awesome. Hello, everybody that's coming in. So, yeah, wow. We are into this. This is really weird for me. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about doing this at home, and part of me is so comfortable that it almost ... It feels like, oh my god, what am I doing? I keep forgetting that I'm doing this. Hannah I just ordered a multipack of the seamless nostril hoops from us. Is that what I use for my nose hoops? I actually have in segment rings. I wish I would have grabbed another one, but maybe I can just pop this one really quick. So segment rings are ... They look like a seamless where they don't have like any gap and you don't need pliers, but ... Sorry, I want to make sure I hinge this the right way. There we go. So this ring, if you guys can see it, it's like a hole ... Oh, let me get rid of this filter. We have serious business to conduct now. We have serious business, I can't have filters in my way. 

So this is the septum and nose ring I use. It's just a little rose gold hoop, and what it does is it has a little hinge and you can open it up like this. Oh, remember about the forehead trick? That's what we have to do today. So yeah, it's hinged like this, and then I just slide this into my septum hole like that, and then you just kind of swing it up and click it in, if I can do this. This is so weird on camera because I can't see up close what I'm doing. This is real life, guys. Welcome to my house. This is what I do. Did I [inaudible 00:06:43]? Nope. Nope, I didn't. Let me just ... I'm going to get right up in your grill, guys. I need the camera. So yeah. Once they're clipped in, and that's why these are awesome, because they really clip in, and then you don't have to worry about losing it, but then you still get the look of just the seamless ring and you don't have to mess around with tweezers. That's why I love these.

Hello, all the new people that are coming in. Gloria, make sure you hit me up on like DMs on Instagram, and I will help you further. I know sometimes tragus stuff is really tricky. Your tragus is so tiny. And I have little fingers, like this is ... It's so hard to get back there, and when you're trying to turn a ball and then the players, there's kind of some techniques that I figured out. I don't know ... That should probably just be a YouTube video that I end up making to show you guys that stuff. Does it ever pinch? No, because once you have it clicked in, which I'm still not 100% sure I got it, there it went. I heard it that time. Once it's clicked in, it doesn't ... You have to really pull that apart. These are amazing. They're the best.

Taylor said she loves our jewelry, it's her favorite. Thank you so much. Hello, everybody that's coming in. So let me show you guys a little bit of jewelry now that we're here. I probably should have grabbed ... Please hold, I'm going to grab a book. This Piercing Bible will do, I just need something behind ... I hope this isn't too shiny, but ... I didn't really think about the fact that I was going to end up doing this at home. Let me ... Let's get up close and personal. If you guys want I'm going to show you a sneak peek of my table. Ready? Jewelry everywhere that you will see soon. Here we go, this is a little bit better. Let's get a little up here.

So my plugs, I wear 5/8, I'm stretched to 5/8, these weights, these are the first pair of jewelry I should share with you guys today. AJ in our handcrafted department is the bomb dot [inaudible 00:08:53], and I love these things. These are available now. I have been waiting so long to share them with everybody, but I couldn't until they were live on the site so you could actually click on them. These are agate slices, and we have these in this black version. Actually, while we're talking about it I'll kind of show you guys up close. These are like glass stone, they're so cute. They're a little heavy, but not the kind of heavy that hurts you. I wanted to make sure that it's clear that there is a little bit of weight to them. I don't know if you notice how they pull down my lobe. I love how this looks.

If you don't, I'll show you two things at once. These are some plugs I wear a lot. If you guys have been watching for a long time, you'll know when I went on vacation I showed these. These are the nude, fleshy colored tunnels, and they are silicone. So they're super squishy. I love these, and you can wear these and then wear heavier weights if you like the look of keeping your hole all the way open, you don't really like the lobe pulling. But we also have these in a white beigy desert ... They're beautiful. I feel like these matched my shirt better, but I wanted to start out in the big black ones because I wear those the most. Those are my favorite. Jenna said every time she sees me, I brighten her day. Jenna, well, that brightened me day, thank you. I really love doing this, it's so fun. Let me slide back up here and make sure nobody got missed to the best of my ability.

Gillian asked what diameter hoop that I would suggest for a helix piercing if you want the hoop to be on the tighter side. Here, I have some with me. So let me get my little leaf tray. By the way, I know that I've been telling you guys that we have a page available with all the jewelry I'm showing on live so it's easily accessible. Normally that would already be up. I'm terrible and because I went to Pittsburgh yesterday I forgot to send a list to someone to load it, so that will be up for you guys after this. So I will make sure that you can find these easily if for some reason you can't find them on your own. Make sure you're always utilizing the keyword search on, it's the best because usually you can honestly find this stuff anyway.

But enough talking. These are, like, these little itty bitty hoopies and they have little decorations on the side of them, so when you wear them in your helix, this rests on the outside of your ear. I really love these, this one has the tanzanite purple gems in it and it's rose gold, but you can see how small this is. I do not know the actual measurement on this hoop, but once those products are available on the website you would be able to just look this little piece of jewelry up and find it. Actually, I have another one with me that I really loved, it's gold, not rose gold, just gold. And it's a cute little planet. Let me see if you guys can see that. I forgot my wood board like a goof. There we go. It's a little cute planet, and you know how much I love space, I'm always showing you guys space jewelry.

So let's slide back down here. Kali said Walmart use to be her place to get stuff and then she heard of us through a YouTuber, and now what she's in love and can't get enough. Kali make sure you drop what YouTuber went ... Or led you this way is what I was looking for. Whatever YouTuber you watched that you learned about us from, please drop the name below so that I can find them on YouTube because I love getting in contact with people that also love Body Candy and that are also on social media. So I would love to be able to thank that person for being so wonderful.

Drastic Destiny said that I'm so pretty and that she loves my piercings. Thank you so much. Sarah has a nose piercing the same as mine, what hoop do I use? Oh, I already answered that one. Sorry, I scrolled way back up more than I meant. I love hearing what everybody's tattoos are, I like reading about them later. Courtney, we do sell pregnancy belly button rings. I don't have any with me because I've never been pregnant and never had a reason to have them yet, but if you go on, excuse me, and go in the keyword search bar, you can type in pregnancy belly rings, and they will come right up. We have a ton of them and lots of really really cute ones that are awesome. So make sure you look those up.

Renee's first time watching from Maine. I can't read and talk today, from Maine, that's what I was trying to say, and wanted to say hello. So hello, Renee, thank you so much. Oh, we have ... See, people are at the office working. Somebody dropped the pregnancy belly rings link for you. What diameter is my nostril hoop? Looking for one that's pretty snug. I wear 5/16 rings in my nose. Also, though, I do try to remind you guys to keep in mind that bodies vary, and if you have a bigger or a smaller nose, those things are going to change, but if you're asking because you're having a hard time finding a smaller one that fits, then you're probably looking for the 5/16 would be my guess. We have a couple of people from Maine in here today, that's awesome. Drastic Destiny, first time watcher, awesome. I'm so excited about all these first-time watchers today. Kelsey, okay, hold on one second. I'm going to do that for you. I'm back.

I've been wondering if people had any interest in regular earrings, and I did see yours ... I think you snapped me earlier and suggested that I show a pair of regular lobe earrings every time. I'm going to start doing that more so because I don't know if a lot of you know, I'm always so focused because my ears are stretched, we have so many amazing earrings, like regular earrings. More Maine people today, this is awesome. Okay, we have more YouTubers getting dropped. Anybody that's ever seen us mentioned on YouTube, make sure you drop who you saw. Jenny from British Columbia is here, this is awesome. I think I mentioned it last week, but I want to do a social experiment, and I'm really excited, I probably shouldn't tell you how I'm going to do it, but it has to do with where everybody lives, and I hope everybody wants to participate. It's going to be awesome.

I have one pair of lobe earrings with me right now, and I will show them just so that I at least show one today so you know that I mean it. We have these really awesome ... They're cubes. Can you see them? They're like prism cubes. They're so cute. They just give you a little geometric pop. They're sparkly without being a diamond. Sometimes I don't want to wear diamonds, but I still want a little bit of something-something, so I love these. I don't wear any of my cartilage stuff very often, so I always forget, but I will try to be so much better about that for you. Bree saw this but she had to go to work soon. No problem, this video is always up later on and available. Just want to make sure the light's good. It's always available to go back to, and then you can kind of go through and still comment, and I still go back through and read them through the following week and make sure that I see everything that everybody was asking me.

Fresno, California today. Minnesota all over. Do we sell clear industrial bars? I'm in desperate need to find one. I would assume we do. We mostly carry retainers and bioplast stuff for every piercing, but if for some reason ... I'm assuming somebody might drop you a link, if not, make sure you hit me up on Instagram or Snapchat, and I can totally help you all of that after this. Bodycandy is our handle on Instagram and on Twitter, is our handle on Snapchat. You're already on Facebook. All the social media. I'm most readily available on Instagram and Snapchat though. Shannon is first time watcher from North Carolina.

Hello. Ashley is in Iowa and uses us for all body jewelry, that's awesome. Florida, Illinois, we're collecting all the states today. Meredith asked if you can get the ring I had in my nose in an 18 and 5/16. I'm not certain if we have one, but as I have said probably a bunch of times today, when I go back through the comments if anybody asks for something that we don't already carry, I keep a list, and then we go from there because we don't know if we are accommodating you unless you let us know, what you did. So always make sure you drop comments on these videos, they are the best. Emma's first time. We have Ohio. More Fresno love. Alyssa said she adores me. I adore you. I adore everybody. This is seriously so fun for me. Texas, Georgia, more Ohio. Mississippi. Hannah, your son is seriously so cute. I don't have everybody on my personal social media, but I have a few people, and Hannah's one of them, and her son is, oh my god, he melts my heart.

So let me show you guys some more pretty stuff because we have a lot of it. I have a lot of stuff with me today. More fresh stuff just on the site. These beautiful drusy hangers, they are teal and they have the silver edge. These hooks on all these, I'm assuming these are also the eight gauge because these kind of hooks are the eight gauge. So as long as your eight gauges ... Or if your plugs are eight gauge or higher you can wear them. Some of these come with regular earring hooks, so even if you don't have your ear stretched, there are options for you. So make sure if anybody's interested in seeing that, that you comment that on here so that I can make sure I'm showing you those things on Fridays. Florida, Brazil, Ohio.

Have y'all thought about making more than just the belly button of the month club? We are working on that right now. I will keep you guys posted as we are getting closer to launching that. Skyler, the August belly ring club of the month is put together right now, but you guys can't see it until Wednesday, but it will be up. It's really really awesome. I had so much fun making it. September's was also ... Oh gosh, I can't wait for you guys to see it. I've been having so much fun finding stuff for that. But yeah, these weights are so cute. I kind of want to make sure I'm putting these kinds of things in so you guys can see how far they hang and how light ... These are way lighter than that agate. You can tell my lobe pulls down way farther. But these are so cute. I even like these ... The whole mermaid things, these kind of remind me of the ocean, I don't know. They're beautiful.

Some other new babies, will keep pumping out the new ones for a minute here. I think these still might be my favorite. They're amazing. They have the drusy quartz stuff in them. I wish the lighting was doing these justice. If you guys are on social media, you'll see, I'll post a picture of these later. They look like moons. They're beautiful. You can see through. I mean, they're natural stone, so they're so cute. I just think that they're a really nice delicate piece. They don't compete with the size of my head. I don't know, they're just a really comfortable ... Whereas, I like ... As I drop stuff, I like these because they're long and they kind of elongate my neck. They make me look very tall. I wish I was taller. I'm a short little baby.

Heather said that we're the most reliable piercing supplier that has been found by Heather. Thank you so much. We love hearing good feedback. Savanah asks what size my ears are, I'm 5/8, but I wear a lot of hangers, I love hangers, so I brought a lot of those with me today. We have some of these cuties right now. These are also a newer upload. I'm sure I can show these really well. They're so cute. And they're, again, all natural. I really love that natural feel. I have tons of stone stuff with me today.

I got the amethyst pyramids that I like to wear a lot, and there are the opalite ones that I also really love. And switch-up, gold and rose quartz, I really love these. I know I think I've shown you guys the heart quartz plugs before, I wear these a lot. I really like rose quartz. I wore a rose quartz crown for my wedding, and it made me feel like a queen. It was amazing. Let me see. Kelsey said she loves all these but ears aren't gauged. Like I said, what I'll do is I'm going to make sure from now on that we have a handful because honestly we have so many beautiful earrings, we should be showing those every week, and I just wasn't sure if people were interested.

We have other hangers that are similar to a lot of these that do have regular earring posts. So you could still get the look of enjoying a lot of these things, maybe not the agate pieces because they're a little heavier, but I feel like there's a few other pieces in here that if they're not already with those, maybe I can mention that to AJ in the back. Savanah, hangers are one of those things that I think people are so afraid of because they feel like they're really intimidating or they look intimidating, I don't know. I love them. It still makes me feel like I'm wearing dangly earrings, but I love having my ear stretched, and I obviously can't wear regular earrings anymore.

So we have, if you guys remember the clear quartz wolves, we now have the aventurine dragons in the same, like, the claw shape. These are, again, so cute. When I'm feeling real witchy, full moon which is actually upon us, let me tell you, I don't know if my husband is watching in the other room, but this blood moon, it's been real. I'm a cancer, my life has been ... It's been a rough week for me, guys. 

If you're into a lighter look, but you want the stone, we have these really cute carved ornate hangers. They look kind of like tulips right here. They're so cute. These don't pull down ... Man, I'm just dropping stuff all over the place. These don't pull down your ear as much but they give you kind of like a little bit more of a full look. These are bigger than an eight gauge. I think they might be a six. I could be wrong, maybe they are an eight. So I really love these on days when I'm feeling a little natural and I just want to be outside, but I still want to look pretty walking around the park and stuff. There you go. Liz also just helped out and dropped the Body Candy Instagram again, @BodyCandy is the Body Candy Instagram. BodyCandy is also our Twitter handle, and is our Snapchat handle. I always confuse those.

Skyler, I did ... That's what I drove to Pittsburgh for yesterday. I'm sure you guys saw. I went to see Radiohead last night and it was incredible. Even if you're not overly into Radiohead, like my husband's brother, that's his favorite band, he was with us, and I like Radiohead, but I don't have as vast of a knowledge as maybe he does about it. It was awesome. They're such amazing performers. Thom Yorke's voice is so controlled and just incredible. The only thing ... I'll have to post a better picture so you guys can really tell. I don't know if any of you are from Pittsburgh area or ever go to Pittsburgh for shows, but I went to the PPG Paint Arena, and it was awesome, but there were no railings. So once you're in the row, there were drunk people dancing. I was Stefaning all night, so scared people were going to fall. It was making me so uncomfortable on that level. But it was really cool to be ... We were way high up and could see everything. It was awesome. I'm going back there next weekend, not tomorrow, but a week from tomorrow, to see Smashing Pumpkins with my husband and our best friends. So I'm super excited about that, and you guys will definitely get to see that as well. Excuse me.

So before I show you guys more jewelry, I want to make sure that I give you these TSA tips and tricks that I looked up. It's not just TSA, but, my big concern since I have a lot more piercings now that I'm traveling on planes and stuff like that a little more frequently. A lot of people always are wondering and messaging me, if I'm traveling, is my jewelry going to set off the detectors and the alarms and stuff, that kind of thing. They always want to know how they should be packaging their jewelry for the plane. So I just have a couple of little tips here.

Actually, the first tip TSA posted said that they recommend that you keep jewelry on you. They either want it on your body or in your carry-on bag is the smartest, A, because then it's all counted for, and if you do by chance set something off, if you could set something off, it's super easy to show exactly what you have and be on your way. They did say that those checks do happen very rarely, and if they do, it's usually very quick to get you right out the door. So the other tip that they said is that most body jewelry isn't going to set off a metal detector. There are pieces, especially if you have a thicker gauge and something that's like a real heavy solid metal in your bellybutton or anywhere that you can't see, those kinds of things could potentially happen, but really, body jewelry isn't usually an issue. It said that it was very very small percentage.

But also they recommended that you just disclose that you have the piercings if you're already going to be worried about it. If you don't want to tell them exactly what you have it just said that you could disclose you have non-visible piercings and that you wanted to let someone know. So I thought that was super cool to finally know for sure because I'm always holding my breath when I'm going through.

Also, another super important tip. If you're going to take out your body jewelry from your bag, from your body, anything like that when you're going through the line, they always give you those like tugs or the bowls depending on where you go, always, always, always keep ... If you're in the belly ring of the month club, these bags are awesome. But if you ever order handcrafted stuff, we have these meshy bags that comes with it. Any of these drawstring bags, I'm recommending from my personal reading that you keep jewelry in these little baggies when you're going through that because a lot of times those bins and bowls get knocked over, and then your jewelry goes everywhere. It was just like a nice little friendly reminder to you guys that those bags are really really helpful. Let me see. Oh, I had a couple different containers listed here. Old mint containers. I have like a 10 from ... I think this actually had a sample candle in it. But I use this as like my daith jewelry box right now and my cartilage jewelry.

Favorite hack ever. I want to start out by saying I love metal and stone and I'm addicted to everything, and I have these rose gold straws that are metal, but this works with a regular straw too. You keep your necklaces from getting tangled. Oh my god, it's amazing. I know I'm being kind of stupid about it, but really, I was really excited. I had never thought of this, and I'm one of those jerks that ... I'll just throw a necklace in my backpack and just go on my merry way because I'm always taking my jewelry on and off, I'm super hands-on, and I'm always doing projects around the house and in the garden, I'm scrubbing floors, I'm doing the work. I'm just constantly taking stuff on and off. So I thought this was so cool. Also reusable straws are the bomb, you should consider them, save the earth.

Let's pop up here and see some questions. Hey. Carmletta is thinking about getting a lip piercing and said that they love all of our jewelry and that they will be getting lip jewelry from us. Thank you so much. Another compliment on my shirt. Again, I am going to soon have some promo codes and have some clothes you guys can actually buy. I wish that I could ... This was like a boutique shirt. I don't even think I can link you to it. If it was from Target or something, I totally would because that happens a lot. I love Urban, I love Forever 21, and I like Target, that whole little pool there.

Skyler asked what my first tattoo was. My first tattoo is this little itty bitty baby right here. This little ladybug. When I was a little kid I used to find ladybugs around the house, and I would go put my hands in the sink and get them wet and I would water them because I was afraid that they were thirsty. So that was my first tattoo. My little baby tattoo. Yeah. Let me see. Heather asked if I want any new piercings because she's getting piercing fever from this video. I do have piercing fever. I'm getting my high nostril soon. I need to do it really soon because I'm in a wedding in a couple months and I need to make sure they have time to, like, not be mad at me that I did that. My face, not the people that I'm in their wedding. My face, I don't know ... I know that high nostrils are going to be swollen longer than a normal Nashville piercing, and I just want to ... I don't want to look like a goon for this wedding, but I also really really want my Medusa, the philtrum right here.

Actually, if you guys have noticed at all, I'm lisping like a teeny tiny bit right now. I have Invisalign, and I had taken a little bit of a break from it, and I got my tragus back in. So until I'm done with Invisalign I can't do any oral piercings. Just out of ... It can get caught and stuff, it's really not safe. So I do have the fever. I'm going to do my nose. And you should let me know what you've been thinking about doing.

Allegra suggested industrial piercing of the month club. That was on our list. We did hold a vote or like a poll. I put stuff like that up on social media a lot and tell you guys to screenshot or send us feedback. Let me see. Aileen said, "You guys should do a whole faced, like a packet for the face, so that the Monroe, tragus, nose, helix, daith and everything can all match and have colors." So I would love to do that, but it's so difficult because of sizing. If anybody ever wants curated sets and needs help with it, please feel free to contact me. Instagram is honestly ... I was suggesting Snapchat for a while. Instagram is almost easier because then the messages don't get lost and I can ask you more questions and we don't lose what we're talking about, but if you specifically are listing those piercings because you have them and you want them to match, I have no problem. Let me know what metal finish and what stone type or anything like that you're looking for or what style you like to wear, and I can totally help.

Hi, Vanessa. It's okay to be late. It's not a big deal. You're here. And I'm still here. Actually, I usually end in like five minutes, but I'll probably go a little bit long today because I've been talking a lot about personal stuff today. More requests for piercing clubs for the nose. Heather said she's been wanting her Medusa done, has a vertical array eyebrow, nose and gauges. So holy goodness, we've got a bunch. Actually seeing the word eyebrow just reminded me, I'm pretty sure at one point up top somebody asked if you can gauge your eyebrow. If I missed your comment, I'm super sorry, my brain just remembered it, randomly triggered. You could probably stretch your eyebrow a little bit. I would talk to your piercer to make sure that your skin and the way that your piercing is set up, that you're safe to do that. If you have a piercing that's a little bit closer to the skin, I don't know if it will cause it to rip, so make sure you contact a trusted piercer and ask for that information before you start doing it. But I guess you potentially could. You can really stretch anything you want. It's just about the time and commitment and occasionally pain that you're willing to put into it.

Sarah has been thinking about getting a tongue piercing but is unsure. I'm always going to be the devil's advocate and say do it. Do it. Do it. Because I love when people get pierced, and I love seeing everybody's experiences, and just watching you guys heal up and be able to put in Body Candy jewelry is so fun. Tera is dying to get her septum done. My septum was like zero pain. You should do it. It's so quick. It's nothing. More requests for monthly clubs. Again, we did a vote a couple weeks ago. We have all the votes in, and we took that into a meeting, and we went through and talked about it, and we are in the works of figuring out what's going on. And I will update everybody on clubs very very soon.

Is there any more hangers? I brought these hangers with me. These were actually, I think, the first pair of hangers I ever found when I started working at Body Candy, and they're still some of my favorites. They are the gold ... They have like the Z hook that's got a little bit of a floral pattern on it. I want to make sure you can see that. It's got a flower. There you go. It's just kind of ornate. And then the clear crystal pointed stone. I just think these are really really nice. They're very light. These are so easy to wear throughout the whole day, they're like nothing. Also though, if anybody doesn't normally wear hangers and is moving into that world, I want to say out loud. When you wear hangers for the day, your lobes, depending on the weight and the evenness that it's spread out on your lobe, well, there's all sorts of factors, it's always a little tough for me to put my plugs back in at the end of the night, they just tighten up a tiny bit. So I usually do that in the shower with soap, the Dial soap or an organic product or vitamin E, jojoba oil, something like that, something natural. Always be kind to your ears when you're wearing lots of jewelry, especially stuff that's pulling on your ear. Yeah, I'll wear these for a little bit.

Medusa is the philtrum piercing. So it's the one that's right here in the little divot in between your lip and your nose. Lindsay had a bellybutton piercing and it broke through after a few months. Is it safe to get done again? I have had a lot of Body Candy customers in contact with me that have had issues like that, and they have gotten re-pierced. Again, always go to a trusted piercer and ask them their honest opinion. Also, with the bellybutton, keep in mind, I don't know if you have the top or bottom, but you can pierce either the top or the bottom of your bellybutton. So if by a chance you had your bottom done and that's what ripped out, you might be able to pierce the top one and still really like the look of it.

We have some really interesting belly rings. I wear this one occasionally when I'm trying to be a yoga babe and pretend that I'm rocking my life. It's got the little Lotus charm on it. Man, I really did not plan this part out very well. Sorry, guys. It's got a little Lotus and then this little tag says namaste on it. These are really cute from either piercing because they've already got two levels that dangle. I love these. So these would be really cute in a top piercing. This has actually been the ... I'll be honest, this is the belly ring I've had in for the last like two weeks. This is the glow-in-the-dark power button for all of you gamers or if you have boyfriends that are gamers, these are really fun. You leave them on the windowsill and charge them up, and then put them in, and then you have a little glowing power button. I think these actually come in tragus studs as well. Excuse me.

I also brought, because I wear this one a lot, a little pizza slice. Just a nice little simple silver pizza slice, and I think it's so cute. I love food so much. I'm actually kind of hungry now that I [inaudible 00:41:25]. People saying that their tongue healed very fast, a bunch of people said that. Nicole has to head to work. Thank you so much for joining us, and I am excited to have you guys.

Excuse me, I meant to ask this earlier, but throughout the next couple weeks, please comment on these videos and let me know if you guys would rather see me do like a Friday night, a Saturday night. I want to do a makeup tutorial. I had put a question mark next to that today because I do have a show tonight and I needed to do my makeup to get ready, but I'm going to be real, I'm all about body positivity, I feel very self confident most of the time, I try to, but listen, my skin after being in the car for eight hours yesterday, a round-trip and sitting in a venue for two or three hours, no. Oh god, I looked so bad this morning. I looked in the mirror and I was, oh, oh, better go work that out. So I did put on my makeup today before this, but I would love to do a makeup tutorial with you guys. I know the last couple weeks a lot of people have asked me about how I do my makeup.

So let me see. Heather, you're totally right. Heather recommended consulting with a professional piercer because everybody's case is different. Literally any time you have a piercing question, you should really find a piercer that you love and trust that you can reach out to. The piercer that I go to, both of the piercers that I go to, are amazing, and both of them immediately, the first time I ever went in there, I had a business card in my hand before I left with their personal cell phone number on it or like a contact number for them to reach them directly. Then I was told, please let me know. I text James all time to ask him stuff, especially when you guys really stump me or if there's something that someone's really panicking and can't get an answer right away. If it's like a reasonable hour and not the weekend, as long as I hit him up and ask him, because he's really awesome. Katie really liked that. We have a lot of really cool belly rings that are double hung like that.

Amanda said, "Does anybody have problems with getting professional jobs with a nose piercing?" I have never had a problem with my nose piercing actually in all the places that I've worked, but I do know I live in the Buffalo area, and I worked at Spot coffee which is a local ... Actually, as its expanding now, I think they just opened one in Connecticut. But it's a locally owned coffee shop. Oh my gosh, I should say restaurant, but it's a restaurant coffee shop. They serve food. I worked there for a while, and I was a cashier, and they did not care about my nose piercing, but like Starbucks won't hire you with any visible piercings or tattoos here. So there's definitely some stuff, but I think piercings and tattoos obviously still aren't completely accepted everywhere and that sucks, but it's really moved in the right direction, and I think nose piercings are one of those things a lot of people have an easier time with now. I have four piercings in my nose, and I feel like you barely notice if I don't have in jewelry that says, "Hey, look at my face, I'm wearing this big huge septum ring that's flashy."

Hello, hello everybody joining us. I do have some rings with me that will work for daith. These are also some septum rings that I really liked. So we have the UFO and the little alien. These look really cute, and in fact I'm going to post it on Instagram in a little bit, you can see how cute these aliens are in the daith, they lay right in your ear, so cute. The same thing with the UFO though. I also brought ... I know you guys saw I wear these this septum ring a lot, it's like the teardrop rose gold with the little diamond studs. Oh my gosh, I can't wait for you guys to see all the new septum rings that we just ordered. They are so beautiful.

Let me see. Katie, I'm so sorry to hear you had a problem. Make sure you contact customer service. Stuff happens, and we have an awesome customer service team that is always available during business hours by an 800 number or by email 24/7 that are always happy to help you. Can you suggest cool nose piercings? So there are a lot. The bridge is at the top of your nose, and I think that's really cute. I'm going to do the high nostrils which are the studs that are here. I have a double nostril in this one. The septum I really love. I love the hoop. I actually love my hoop so much I didn't want to give it up to have a double, so I did both. I see a couple people now saying they have professional jobs with nose piercings.

Also, Kelly and customer service is wonderful. Shout out to Kelly. Also, Liz and Alex and there's ... Yeah, no, we have an awesome team. Christina sad that they recently got a date piercing about a month ago and can't wait to change out the jewelry, already has a list of things that need to be purchased and asked if anybody else gets impatient when they want to change their jewelry before they're healed. I can personally answer, yes, it's so hard,. I always want to change it immediately. The alien and the spaceship and stuff could definitely work in a helix. They're a little larger, but if you like that look, yeah, I think they would probably sit out really cute. They would just sit at the edge, and if you had like one of them, they would be super cute. We have a ton of the helix rings in right now, though, that have like aliens and planet, like, space type stuff. It's all so cute.

Tanya said that she just got the teardrop septum ring and can't wait to wear it. That's my favorite septum ring to wear. I like this segment rose gold too, just for how simple it is. Do you think it's possible to still get a second nose piercing after you already have one? I'm worried there isn't enough room. I would say yes depending on where you're pierced. You could also consider a triple. There's different ways, if you're going to an awesome piercer, I know when I wanted to do this, Anna really took into account that I already had an existing hoop that I wanted to continue to wear, she took into account the way that my jewelry sits, asked if I ever plan on having a matching double, it should be a questionnaire to make sure the placement is right. Say, your one piercing is in the middle like this, you could almost do two above it and have a little triangle shape. That would be really cute and you would still be able to have your double. Lots and lots of ideas. Vanessa said, "Awesome customer service experience." It's always nice to hear.

All right, so let me see. These are still some of my favorite plugs that I wear before I go here, these rose gold glitter ones. These are the 5/8 but we do carry these in a ton of sizes. I want to make sure ... They're like the drusy. They're so cute. Also, we just got in these really sweet aliens, I almost forgot about these. These are glass, and they're very very ... I tried wearing them upside down too because I wanted to see the shape upside down and you can almost even rock them that way. If you're into outer space, like I said, we have so much cool stuff in. Other than that, I think that was all the hangers and stuff I had. I ended up showing you those ahead of time. So I think we're all set with that. If you guys have any other questions when you're watching this back later, please drop them below. Everyone was so awesome and took a part today, which makes this really fun. As always, I'm on Snapchat and Instagram anytime. BodyCandy is the handle on Twitter and Instagram, is the handle on Snapchats. You are already on Facebook. is our website, and BodyCandyBodyJewelry. I did it. Man, I get so hung up on that. That is so much work. I get so scared that I'm going to say the wrong thing that I say the wrong thing.

Heather has UFO tattoo, I'm seeing a bunch of stuff flying in. I'm going to get going guys, but thank you so much. I really appreciate it Fridays are always my favorite day of the week now because of this, and also from now on, I'm going to be switching up Friday live. So like I said, drop times below, if there's places you want to see, if you want to see my favorite coffee shop, if you want to see my favorite places to hang out, there's lots of nature spots in Buffalo, believe it or not. I would love to show you guys that stuff, and I have this tripod, and I can go pretty much anywhere. So thank you so much for hanging out. I'm sorry none of my animals came out. I don't know where any of them went. Maybe I should have woken them up. But the next time I do a live, I will go get all of them. They usually have a homing device, I swear to God. All right, I'll see you guys later. Have a good weekend.