How To: The Perfect Aesthetic Halloween Curation

How To: The Perfect Aesthetic Halloween Curation

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Whether you're looking to achieve a moody fall vibe or if you're just in love with a gorgeously goth aesthetic year round, we've got some amazing jewelry inspo for you.




First off, our Blackline Collection is an amazing place to find some dreamy dark pieces that'll fit any fall aesthetic. Black is a classic color and it's super versatile! The pieces you choose for this look don't even have to be particularly "spooky" to work for halloween. Check out that cute little bow belly ring in the photo above - it's adorable but it's also a definite mood.




How perfect are these cute witchy curations? You can either go super spooky with bats and spiders or curiously celestial with some moons and stars. You can theme an ear full of piercings any way you'd like - the key to creating a natural looking curation is to pair pieces that are similar in one or more of the following ways:

  • Similar gem colors - clear CZ gems or blood red gems
  • Matching in theme - spooky animals or celestial bodies
  • Similar in color - all black or all dark colors
  • Similar style - all barbells or all hoops



Theming your jewelry doesn't have to be cheesy! Check out these amazing pieces above:



Finally, Halloween or Witch aesthetic jewelry doesn't have to be moody or dark! Check out these warm-toned, amazingly autumn pieces. A little bit of sparkle can be a really fun twist on this look so mix up your fall haul with a few of these ravishing rose gold pieces.