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What's the secret behind our 14KT gold nose rings? They're individually handcrafted, made in house by BodyCandy's very own gold jeweler. Not outsourced, no missing pieces along the way, just pure craftsmanship made right here in Buffalo, NY

What sets us apart from other manufacturers in the business? We know we've got competitors out there, and we want to make sure that you know BodyCandy is the one you can trust. As stated above, our 14kt gold nose rings are made in the USA. Every individual nose ring is made to order when you order it. 

Our diamond nose rings are a prize all on their own. Each diamond shows just how much we value quality when it comes to your jewelry.



  • J

    Hey Jo,

    The standard length for our nose bones is 1/4" or 6mm. We’re working on getting all of the product specifications updated on our 14K gold pieces.

    Jodie O on

  • J

    I notice you offer these in the nose bone style, but you don’t (that I can see) specify the length of the post. Is there a way this information could be added, or customized upon checkout?

    Jo on

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