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We’ve all heard about what color can do; how bright and warm tones impart energy and vigor, or cool soft hues can assist with relaxation. So when you’re known to choose certain colors, it can say a lot about your personality and outlook. Just take a look at what these colors could be saying about you.

If you like blue:

It’s no surprise that in surveys blue is consistently found to have the highest percentage of persons claiming it as a favorite color. Those who choose blue tend to have a calm, even keel and be dependable and easy to trust.  Also, lovers of lighter and brighter blues will generally have a dynamic personality and be innovative in most facets of life.

If you like green:

As “favorite color” status goes, green comes in just under blue for both men and women, and is usually depicted by those who favor it in warmer, more vivid hues.  Green lovers tend be very zen; people who are intelligent, with harmonious energy, and who are in touch with both themselves and the natural world around them. Green people may be more likely to volunteer, participate in outdoor activities, and maintain a more natural approach to beauty.

If you like purple:

Purple is far more commonly favored among women than men, which lends itself well to the phrase “women’s intuition.”  Those who choose purple are generally very intuitive and creative, with open minds and a trusting nature.  This color is common among those who maintain a level of spirituality in their lives and also those who are interested in physics, astrology, or the general nature of the universe.

If you like red:

This color tends to be favored by men more than twice as much as it is by women.  People who like red are described as energetic, confident, and passionate. They are known to be well spoken and courageous with their open expression of ideas and opinions, and are usually extroverts who feel at home receiving attention.

If you like orange:

Orange is the only color that almost one hundred percent of people either love or hate; almost nobody feels neutral towards this vibrant hue.  People who enjoy orange are very energetic, quick thinking, and social. They often take the opportunity to try new things and are generally very thoughtful, and may make friends easily.

If you like pink:

Lovers of this multi-tasking hue are normally soft spoken and maybe even a little shy, but they’re always willing to listen, and are truly romantic at heart. It’s no surprise that pink is favored almost entirely by females, but anyone who enjoys this color will have an optimistic outlook and be pleased with most aspects of their life. As a combination of red and white, pink is often credited with giving those who embrace it both the ability to dream big, and the tools to achieve those dreams.

If you like yellow:

The color yellow is favored by persons with high IQs, and those who are very level-headed and clear thinking. Yellow lovers have good memory and concentration skills, and are generally optimistic and confident in their decisions.  They may also be a little bit bubbly at times, but the calm and wise qualities about them tend to keep their sunny personalities from becoming overblown.  Yellow is also the only color that can normally be seen in some respect even by persons who are legally blind.

If you like black:

Black is associated with power, and those who can truly claim it as a favorite color will normally have a demanding presence. They are often versatile, good at most things they try, and chameleons when it comes to appearance and beauty. Black lovers are apt to achieve high status in life, whether it’s through fame and fortune, or the simple accomplishment of things they apply themselves to. Black also invokes an air of mystery, and those who wear it often may be considered introspective or always appear to be holding onto an amazing wildcard.

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