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Cork: Some piercers will use it, and some won’t, but when it is used the cork is placed on the sharp end of the piercing needle to prevent any contact with other parts of the skin. (You only want the piercing that you came for, right?)

 piercer using a cork

Hollow Piercing Needles: As most of us are aware, body piercing needles are hollow inside, so instead of creating blunt trauma to the skin by displacing tissue, they actually remove the tissue creating a clean hole.  Later, the skin will heal around the hole into what’s called a “fistula,” or passage through the skin from one side to the other.

hollow needles for body piercing

Indwelling Cannula: The indwelling cannula is another tool that some piercers will use and others won’t, based on personal preference and/or state laws.  This item is basically a catheter that allows for surgical precision.  After the piercing is performed, the outer portions are stripped away, leaving a clean hole that is slightly larger than the jewelry.

body piercing catheter

Needle Receiving Tube: The needle receiving tube is often used instead of a cork; it’s a hollow metal tube that catches the piercing needle once it has passed through the flesh.

hollow piercing needle receiving tube

Pliers:  There are many types of body jewelry pliers.  These are special nose ring pliers for use in custom fitting nose jewelry.  Their nylon jaws allow for a tight grip without damaging the dainty and diminutive jewelry.

mylon tipped nose jewelry pliers

There are also pliers made to open BCRs and closure rings, to close them, and to hold onto body jewelry balls.

Pennington Forceps: Though other types may also be used, the most popular style of forceps for body piercing are called “Pennington Forceps.”  They can be easily recognized by the unique triangular shape of their ends, and may sometimes be used in conjunction with rubber bands.

using pennington forceps on the tragus

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