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piercings of the human ear cartilage

Anti-tragus– any piercing of the hard outcropping of ear cartilage that lies opposite the tragus.

Conch– a perforation of the “hollow” of the ear, the flat plain between the helix and the inner folds of the ear.

Daith– a piercing of the fleshy ridge just above the opening of the ear. When done properly and worn with circular jewelry, it will appear as if the ring is emerging from within the ear.

Forward Helix– a piercing of the helix’s fold where the ear meets the side of the face.

 cartilage and lobe piercings

Helix– any piercing of the outer cartilage rimming the ear.

Industrial, Scaffold Piercing, Construction Piercing– this is actually a coordinated set of two piercings of the ear cartilage connected by a single barbell.  Although normally performed diagonally across the helix, this can include any two cartilage piercings connected by one piece of body jewelry.

Lobe, Standard Ear Piercing– the perforation of the ear lobe for the purpose of inserting jewelry.

Orbital– two piercings made just inside the rim of the helix and connected by a circular barbell.

 different types of ear piercings

Rook– a piercing of the upper ridge just inside the helix and separating the planed or flat portions of the ear.

Snug– any piercing of the antihelix, the small flat ridge between the helix (outer rim) and the concha (the indent in the middle of the ear).

Tragus– perforation of the fleshy nub over the opening of the ear canal.

Transverse Lobe, Horizontal Lobe– an ear lobe piercing performed horizontally through the full width of the flesh.

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