Nose Ring Materials: What Kind of Jewelry is Best

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Choosing your material is just as important as figuring out your size. There are six basic materials that most nose rings will be made of: stainless steel, gold, sterling silver, titanium, bioplast, and acrylic. They can also be found in platinum, glass, and carved organic material like bone, but these media are generally more expensive and harder to come by. Some materials are better to use while healing a new piercing while others are recommended for well-established piercings or for wearing for only a short time.

14k and 18k Solid Gold (both available in white and yellow)

Solid gold jewelry is hypoallergenic and is a reliable option for those who suffer from sensitivities to certain types of metal. This type of jewelry can be sanitized by an experienced body piercing studio with access to proper equipment, as it can discolor from autoclaving. Yellow gold is especially biocompatible, but both rose gold and white gold are achieved by starting with yellow gold and adding another metal to it.

Both 14k and 18k gold are actually metal alloys that are composed of gold and other metals in order to make the gold better able to craft durable jewelry than with pure gold alone. The karat weight (k) is a reference to the percentage of pure gold contained in the jewelry. The higher grades, such as 24k, are actually risky to wear in piercings due to the higher gold content that makes the jewelry more malleable.
When buying 18k or 14KT gold nose rings, be wary of poor craftsmanship. Some jewelers use a setting that is shaped like a cone with thin prongs that offer no support. Both factors make it easy for the gem to shift out of place and hinder the sparkling beauty of the diamond or gem.

 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel

316L is implant quality surgical stainless steel and it is the most widely used metal for body piercings and is what a majority of the jewelry we carry is made from. It is also considered the basic requirement of metal that is to be used in initial piercings and for healing. This metal can be autoclaved, but be sure not to use harsh chemicals to clean 316L stainless steel if your jewelry has any acrylic or gems that are not bezel set, it could lead to the destruction of those elements. Antibacterial soap and warm water works just as well for sanitizing your jewelry before inserting into your piercing to prevent complications such as infection.


Grade 23 Solid Titaniumtitanium

Grade 23 titanium is a high quality metal that is used for our body jewelry, which is composed of an alloy of pure titanium and other metals and elements. The grade is a reference to the exact composition and oxygen content of the metal. This grade of titanium can be heat sterilized and is considered hypoallergenic. Titanium jewelry is lightweight, highly resistant to corrosion, and can be anodized to add a layer of color to its surface.


sterlingsilver.925 Sterling Silver

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver (usually signified by a stamp of “925” on the jewelry itself) and contains other metals that may not work well with sensitive piercings; it can also tarnish when it comes into contact with body fluids, so it’s not recommended for healing or infected piercings. Sterling silver body jewelry is mainly recommended for only well-established piercings and for short term wear.



Platinum body jewelry is hypo-allergenic and is compatible with all types of skin. It is an especially stable material and is very resistant to corrosion, even retaining its luster all the way up to its melting point. Since this material is about ten times more difficult to manipulate as compared to gold, this means it is also ten times as wear-resistant, so anything engraved or fine patterns will not wear out for a very long time. Also, because of platinum’s tensile strength, it makes it the perfect material for settings for diamonds and other precious stones with minimal coverage while still maintaining optimal security.


If you need a nose ring that is easily concealable for school or work, then more flexible or translucent materials may be best for you. If you’re looking for a 100% guaranteed way to hide your piercing, retainers are the way to go.



Bioplast, which is certified biocompatible, is not metal and the material can be heat sterilized, which makes it safe for healing, swollen, or infected piercings. This flexible material is great for initial piercings and can be cut to any length and is easily rethreaded for a custom fit. It is also the safest option for those who suffer from metal allergies or anyone who doesn’t want to take chances on their piercing.



Inexpensive, lightweight, and versatile, acrylic body jewelry comes in a variety of vibrant colors and is probably the most well-known type of plastic. It can degrade when it comes into contact with harsh chemicals like alcohol and can melt or discolor when heat sterilized, so it should only be worn in a piercing that is already healed.



gemsDon’t want to be basic?

When you are in need of some style that truly sparkles just like you, precious gems are the way to add a little something extra to your nose ring. Cubic zirconia, colored diamonds, and natural stones are just a few of the beautiful options we have available.

opalsMaybe some divine style is what you’re looking for?

Whether or not you have a birthday in the month of October, opal nose rings are a hot trend that will be right at home in your pierced nose. The galaxy-like hues are a perfect way to show off your spiritual style.

diamondsWhat about some help from a girl’s best friend?

You’d be hard pressed to find other diamonds in the industry of the same quality and within such a great price range! You’ll feel fancy and sophisticated with this classic piece of gem jewelry that’s sure to match any style.

birthstonesOr do you want to celebrate your birthday every day?

If diamonds and opals aren’t going to suit your needs, we have a whole nose ring category dedicated to birthstones of every month! You won’t need any excuse to celebrate your birthday with all of the options available to decorate your nose piercing.

logosIf all else fails, show off your personality with something bold!

We have a wide variety of nose rings that include logo inlays as well as charms of plenty of different shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something cute or in-your-face, there’s a nose ring waiting for you.

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