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 having a high tea holiday party

With all of the “traditional” (read square) holiday parties that are popping up every year, why not opt for something a little more modern?  The tattooed tea party has been catching on, and it’s an incredibly fun way for the modified generation to celebrate any occasion.  Tea parties aren’t just for rose viewing and poolside snacking; they’re just as magical when taken indoors, and can go anywhere from laid back to wildly extravagant.

To make a holiday high tea a little extra special, just add a few distinctly Christmassy touches.  Sugar stars, golden trim, and splashes of deep red and pine green go a long way towards creating a unique and festive atmosphere.  Popping out holiday mugs can work too, and so can sophisticated sparkly decorations.

 making a tea party holiday special

Here are some fun tips to help your tea time rock!

1. Line up some (optional) holiday-worthy activities, like making marshmallow snowmen to dunk in your tea, or crafting handmade origami ornaments.

2. Pre-cut a stash of festive temporary tatts and keep them in a decorative dish by the door.  That way any guests who don’t have tattoos can still feel like part of a tight-knit group.

 festive temporary tattoo art

3. Have some contests where recipients can win small prizes, like a Name That Flavor challenge.  Just line up three different types of herbal tea, then blindfold your contestants and let them taste.  Whoever gets closest to naming all three blends wins!

4. Use fun customized stocking jewelry for your seating assignments.  It’s a place holder and a cute party favor.

 fun personalized holiday stockings

5. Good fun with good friends is better than any gift exchange, but if you really wanna be the tea party hostess with the mostest, end the night with a warm signature cocktail or cocoa and send everyone home with a little token of your appreciation (preferably edible *wink).

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