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comic book geek style

Back in the days of primary school, being a dork might have landed you in the shallow end socially, but now that we’re getting grown, it’s a totally different ball game.  Being a geek isn’t just okay, it’s awesome, especially today on National Comic Book Day.

“Comic book geeks” are a completely separate subculture, complete with conventions, a slew of major feature films, and some of the best cosplayers in the world.  For anybody who doesn’t know, “cosplay” is a term that references dressing up and sometimes acting like a favorite fictional character.  The slang itself is short for “costumed play,” but it’s definitely not a simple kiddie concept.  Some cosplayers make amazing, enormous, and expensive getups, crafted expertly to contain every minute detail of their character’s visage.  They master new makeup skills, pioneer cutting edge fabrication techniques, and take character acting and role-play to a whole new level.

 dressing up like comic characters

For many modern characters, piercings, tattoos, colorful hair, or extreme makeup are part of what’s needed to complete illusion.  This is where faux piercing rings, temporary tatts, and semi-permanent hair dyes or wigs definitely come in handy.  For those characters that are classic or better known, logo items might also be used in piercings that the player has but the character doesn’t.

Whether it’s classic superheroes, Japanese manga and anime, RPG (role playing game) style video games, or any other media you can possibly think of, comic book type characters are building a major following in the 2010s.  You might not even know that some of your favorite characters were originally seen in graphic novel form.  Just a few of them include the colorful casts of Hellboy, 30 Days of Night, 300, and television hit The Walking Dead.

 movies based on graphic novels(source: WGSN)

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