The Modern Modification Lifestyle: April Fools

by Lorna

good-natured fun on April Fools Day

Remember April Fools pranks from when we were kids?  Whoopi cushions, hand buzzers, that nasty tasting joke gum…  A few things have changed since then, but hopefully our senses of humor haven’t.  After all, even adults need to have a little laugh once in a while, right?

As long as your tricks are harmless, good-natured, and don’t involve any vandalism, there’s no reason not to pull a few choice legs, especially if it ends up brightening someone’s spirits.  So take a little time out for some light-hearted fun today.  We promise we won’t tell.  Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

1. Send your friends or coworkers hilarious anonymous e-cards.

BodyCandy e-card

2. Change your voicemail greeting to “Hello?  Hell-ohhh?  Is anybody there?…”

3. Make some caramel-covered onions and leave them somewhere on a tray labeled, “Caramel Apples.  Help yourself!”

4. Change your friend’s cell phone background image to a photo of broken glass when they leave the room.

5. Fake new tattoos or piercings with clip-on jewelry or temporary tattoos.  (This one is a great prank to pull on your parents.)

 illusion clip-on piercings

Just make sure that you come clean at the end of an awesome prank, even if it only means yelling, “April Fools!”

by Lorna

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