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modified skin and beautiful blue hair

Now that colorful tresses have made their way into the mainstream, nobody bats an eye when they see a full head of pink.  The modification subculture though takes color to a whole new level, whether it’s latex, tattooing, or even simple hair color.  Just think of some of the awesome dos that you’ve seen on pierced and tattooed persons in your neighborhood.  It’s not hard to see that we’re slowly ushering in a whole new era of self expression through the use of body modifications.

Cool colors have certainly come along way.  In the 1970s and 80s, there were many popular ways to achieve an interesting hair color.  Some of them include the use of Kool Aid, Rit dyes, fresh berries, food coloring, hydrogen peroxide, and just about anything else you can think of that will leave a stain.  In the 90s, new products began hitting the shelves to assist the masses in formulating fun and colorful hair art, some of them being various types of henna that were previously hard to come by in many parts of the US.  And now, in the second decade of the 2000s, you can’t take ten steps without falling over a tube of brilliant hued hair dye.

 brilliant fun colored hair styles

On the upside, many of these dyes are ecologically friendly, kinder on hair than standard boxed dyes (because they require no ammonia), and vegan.  A lot of cream dyes on the market take a portion of their punchy coloring prowess from every day fruits and veggies too, and consequentially smell far less foul than dyes that require mixing.  We’ve even hit a high point in which these types of products are very close in price to traditional brown and blonde coloring kits.  (Power to the alternative people!)

Some of the modification trends to hit the scene recently: hair that matches existing tattoos, dip dyed bangs that highlight and draw attention to facial piercings, neon body jewelry with matching neon hair, and multi colored hair with solid black body jewelry.

piercings, tattoos, and wild color

Want more cool, colorful modification fashion?  Then be sure to check out our funky alternative fashion Pinterest board, and stay connected.

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