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fashion for the love of cats

People are very serious about loving their cats. Photos, funny memes, and videos of cats are viral on Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, and just in general. It is mainly because of their cute, cuddly, sweet, adorable little feline faces and quirky personalities. Modern cat lovers live in style with their fuzzy friends. The “crazy cat lady chic” style is more than just a trend; it is an expression of true love. Or maybe it’s just a desire to be cute, either way I am convinced that this fun style statement is here to stay.

Jewelry and fashion featuring cats is purrfect for any age or taste level. Cat-centric fashions have been donned by high fashion runway models worldwide. Every 90’s kid had a kitty cat sweatshirt or two; now these same design principles are being used on hip oversized bags, prints on couture and everyday dresses, leggings, shoes, hair accessories, necklaces, and so much more.

wearing cat clothing and jewelry

The world of body modification and its jewelry designers have also embraced cat love with open arms. Some people have gone as far as modifying their bodies to resemble cats, others will just wear the jewelry. Plugs, belly rings, earrings, and more showcase cats and kittens. Images of cats dressed up in ironic costumes, grumpy cats, cats with umbrellas, and cats just being themselves are everywhere. Belly rings with dangly cat tails, paw prints, and itty bitty kitties are among the most popular. This jewelry is so charming that you will simply go catatonic from all of the cutegasms.

belly jewelry featuring cat themes

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