That Celebrity Pierced What?!: Popular and Wacky Celebrity Piercings

Celebrity status is often associated with appearance. Paparazzi constantly snap pictures of stars, giving the media and the rest of us something to talk about. The way they look and what they do portrays a message about who they are. Many celebrities choose some form of expression, just like the rest of us “normal” people. […]

Celebrity status is often associated with appearance. Paparazzi constantly snap pictures of stars, giving the media and the rest of us something to talk about. The way they look and what they do portrays a message about who they are. Many celebrities choose some form of expression, just like the rest of us “normal” people. However, we aren’t in the spot light every minute of every day. Hollywood stars choose to express themselves with their clothes, hair styles, tattoos or even piercings!

Piercing is a permanent and awesome form of expression. You can get almost anything on the body pierced these days; the human body is a canvas. The ears are the most common type of piercing. Almost every female celebrity has their ears pierced and a lot of males do too! It’s almost like not having your ears pierced is odd. However, many celebrities, (male or female, young or old), have been pierced in other places that aren’t so common…

Female celebrities have really supported the navel piercing trend. Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Jessica Alba are just a few who love showing off their belly button rings. Good thing for those trainers that they hire because they are usually sporting their beautiful belly rings while in bikinis. Celebrity pop star Britney Spears got her navel pierced while on a trip in Hawaii, and then showed it off on those white sandy beaches.

The next most seen piercing in the media is definitely the nose ring. Nose rings are popular because they add a little something to the face while still being subtle. Stars like Kelly Clarkson, Madonna, and Mary J. Blige have their noses pierced. It is surely a sign of femininity and beauty. Nose piercings are also becoming more popular with teens. Miley Cirus recently tweeted a picture of herself rocking a pair of sunglasses and a small silver stud in her right nostril. Nose jewelry varies based on individual taste but studs and hoops seem to be the most common.

Earrings, belly rings and nose rings are no longer a thing of shock and awe; they are now an accentuating accessory that we have all grown to love!

So if these piercings are now ordinary in today’s society, what piercings are not so ordinary? Firstly, we know ear piercings are not a big deal anymore, but what about having multiple earrings? Celebs like Hillary Duff, Lindsay Lohan and Avril Lavigne all have more than one earring in each ear. Another celebrity known for this is Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas. She has 7 in each ear and is frequently seen wearing earrings all the way up her ears! She also sports an awesome eyebrow ring almost everywhere she goes.

Other popular piercings on the face include those around the mouth. R&B singer-songwriter and actress Mya has a sexy lip piercing and often shows it off with a silver hoop. Another celeb, Drew Barrymore, is very fond of her tongue ring. She first showed it off at the Golden Globe Awards in 2009.  And actress Ashley Scott and rapper ‘The Game’ also used to have tongue rings.

So which celebrities have more than just one or two piercings? Let’s take a look. Christina Aguilera has quite a few ‘dirty’ piercings. Over the years she has had 5 ear piercings, her lower lip, her nose, her right nipple, her belly button, and one in a place where most people will never see.  American signer, Alecia Moore (better known as Pink) has a collection of piercings also. These include nose, tongue, ears, eyebrow, tragus and nipples. If you don’t believe that she has her nipples pierced, there is a video to prove it.  Pink got them pierced after a concert in Germany and her mom was in the room! Awkward!

Another piercing fan is Janet Jackson. She’s known for her tongue, septum, nose and intimate piercing. Oh, and who can forget that nipple piercing that a wardrobe malfunction showed the world during the Super Bowl halftime show. Other females with nipple rings include singers Rihanna and Cassie. Cassie got hers pierced to show support for breast cancer and she’s proud of it! 

A celebrity who made headlines with her rare piercing was American actress and singer Scarlett Johansson. In 2005 she got her septum pierced, aka the bull ring piercing. Sounds unattractive but if anyone can make this piecing look subtle and sexy, it’s her! Johansson also has her ears and tragus pierced.  Another female celeb who has a cute and feminine septum piercing is Hayley Williams, frontwoman of the popular band Paramore.

Even many male celebrities have piercings nowadays. Lil Wayne has his bottom lip and his eyebrow done, along with many tattoos on his face and body. When asked why he got these peircings, Wayne said: “No story behind it. I wanted it, I got it”. However, other male celebrities have been tormented by the media for their piercing. Harrison Ford, for example, got his left ear pierced and the tabloids were all over him. Harrison has explained that the piercing was inspired by alcohol but he still wears it at age 65 and doesn’t see the problem. Other famous men like LL Cool J, Elton John, Will Smith and Adam Lambert all have their ears pierced too.

Yet another group of male celebrities have taken it to the next level. Lenny Kravitz has a multiple earrings along with nipple rings, nose rings and an intimate piercing, and he is not shy about them!  Dennis Rodman, retired Hall Of Fame Basketball player, has several piercings also. He has both sides of his ears pieced, his lip, and both sides of his nose, which is something that’s not seen very often. Travie McCoy, lead vocalist of the Gym Class Heroes, is known for his gauged ears, nose piercing, and Monroe piercing.  And Benji Madden, guitarist and vocalist for the band Good Charlotte, is another pierced-up celeb. He has his ears, nose, Monroe, labret, snake bites, and a single piercing in his left eyebrow. Although he doesn’t wear them all at the same time, he definitely has the look of a rocker! Tommy Lee is another famous musician with a bunch of piercings, sporting an eyebrow ring, nipple ring, nose ring, and many earrings.

One of the ‘oddest’ piercings seen in the celeb world belongs to David Draiman, lead singer of the metal band Disturbed. He is famous for his “tusk-like” double labret piercings (also known as “dolphin bites”). This sort of chin piercing is not common at all, in fact, it’s almost disturbed; pun intended. He also has plugs, which are stretched to an 8 gauge. Wow!

Last but definitely not least, Elaine Davidson is the definition of a pierced celebrity. Famous because she is the “Most Pierced Woman” (and also the most pierced person) according to the Guinness Book of World Records.  She takes the cake! In 2000, Davidson had 462 piercings in total, 192 piercings in her face alone. Today, she is reported to have 6,925 piercings and counting! Now that’s crazy! 

Whether or not you like piercings, you must admit, they are everywhere. In the last few decades, body piercings have become more popular and more extreme. We have seen everything from simple to outrageous with all the pierced Hollywood Stars out there. Although some people may ‘overdo it’, body piercing continues to be a growing trend, providing a sense of individuality, and definitely a fashion statement.