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Temporary tattoo art is amazing, fun, and well, temporary, but sometimes it can be hard to rock a temporary tattoo without feeling like your art is the same old thing.  Well kiss those body art blahs goodbye, because we’re going to show you how to spice up your stick-ons for a one of a kind look that’ll make everyone who sees them say, “Wow.  Where did you get that awesome tattoo?”


1. Use Chinese calligraphy as a jumping off point

You may have seen dozens of tattoos that show off some major Chinese lettering, but as long as you blend other elements with your kanji tattoo, you’ll never run the risk of it looking like just another cookie cutter art piece.  Try taking your characters (like the Chinese for love), and then bringing in some overlapping elements that fit with the theme.  To go with love, good picks are roses, other red flowers, and hearts.  Another option is filling in letter outlines with your own custom color, which you can easy do with a lip pencil or eyeliner.  Voila!  An entirely new, more realistic looking, one of a kind tattoo.


2. Cut tattoos into pieces to create fun friendship tattoos

Friendship tattoos (as the name might suggest) are tattoos that you share with a friend.  They wear one half, while you wear the other, and when the two come together they create a single image.  Pretty neat right?  Here are some examples of tattoos that can easily be split:


3. Bring together pieces in the same genre to create a story

Single tattoos or sleeves that actually make sense when you look at them are pretty nice, but how about telling an epic tale right there on your body?  If you choose like elements, say a fairy, a princess, some animals, mythical creatures, and more you can unravel your own fairy tale in tattouage.  With a piece this stunning, noone will ever call your body art boring.


So now that you have some ideas about giving your body art a boost, it’s time to go out and bring some temporary tattoo beauty into the world.  Just don’t forget to take a picture of your masterpieces before you wash them off!

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