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sweet summer strawberry fashion

Did you know that today is National Strawberry Sundae Day?  Strawberries have been used not just in food, but in alternative medicine, beauty products, and even tooth whitening for centuries.  They’re a great source of antioxidants, potassium and vitamin K, and their natural acids and biotin help skin maintain a youthful, elastic texture.  And because they help the body guard against infection and ease inflammation, they’re a great food to eat in the days following a new piercing or tattoo.

Strawberries are also healthy for your wardrobe, turning fruit into fashion in an effortlessly breezy, warm and summery kind of way.  Hazy reds and pinks lend themselves perfectly to sizzling temperatures, and a dose of sugary delight brings out any modified vixen’s sweet side.

 delectable strawberry body jewelry

To celebrate Strawberry Sundae Day in a healthy and modern way, skip all the excess sugar and calories, and go for a fantastic vegan strawberry smoothie:


-12oz of fresh strawberries, washed, stemmed, and cut in half

-4oz of frozen pineapple

-about 6 coconut water ice cubes (just one small container of organic coconut water frozen into cubes in a regular ice cube tray)

-1tbspn honey or agave

 Strawberry Smoothie Ingredients

Step 1: Throw pineapple and coconut cubes into a blender or food processor and process into to small chunks (roughly the texture of crushed iced).

Step2: Add in strawberries and chosen sweetener and process to desired consistency.

Step 3: Lay back and enjoy.

 keeping summer cool with smoothies

Now you’re staying cool and looking hot.  Summer: accomplished.

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