Summer Piercing Trends That Have A Chokehold On Us

Summer Piercing Trends That Have A Chokehold On Us

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     If you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re about halfway through the summer. That means it’s not too late to rock some hot looks that are totally on-trend right now. (And if it’s winter where you are, there’s no reason to let them pass you by!) So, buckle up, grab your credit card, and get ready to add some fresh style to your piercings!


     One look that seems to be sweeping through social media is the chain. This seems to be most popular with bridge piercings or people who have both their nostrils pierced. The two ends/nostrils are connected by lengths of dangling chain – ranging from a single, understated chain to a trio of more ornate and visible chains that hang in graduated lengths. This look can range from exotic to simple to the very ornate, so there’s something available for everyone. You can also wear chain jewelry to connect cartilage piercings in the ear. This works for connecting any two piercings so whether you have an industrial piercing or want to connect an upper helix to your conch, you can totally rock that look.


     Flat piercings are definitely having a major moment right now. They are placed below the upper helix and above the ridge where the top of a rook piercing would sit. The near thing about flat piercings is that on most anatomy, they’re extremely visible. One fun thing you can do with a healed flat piercing, is invest in some threadless jewelry. If you have a threadless post in your flat, you can change out the visible end easily enough that you can actually change the end all the time! Even better, if you have enough space on that portion of your ear, you can do a small cluster of these piercings. You rock a variety of different ends or go for a matching theme – it’s all going to look amazing.


     Two more piercings that are super-hot these days are vertical lip piercings. A vertical labret is a piercing of the lower lip that goes through vertically, using a curved barbell. A vertical philtrum is the same but through the upper lip. Both of these have the unexpected benefit of having an “oral” piercing that never actually makes contact with the inside of your mouth. These means no potential damage to your gums and teeth. Since both of the piercings use common and easy-to-find jewelry and have visible ends, you can rock a myriad of different looks and styles once they’re healed. You can go with a tiny gem end that is easy to hide or something ornate and whimsical. The options are nearly endless.

     Summer or winter, these piercings are having hot moments right now and there’s no reason not to take inspiration from them. Let’s face it, piercings look awesome no matter what time of the year it is. Let these smokin’ hot piercings heat up your look no matter what the weather is doing!