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candy bright Spring fashion

Spring is the time for showing some skin, celebrating the warm weather, and letting your wild side peak out a little after all those frigid months kept hidden under layers.  But the sweeter side of the season can be just as fun and fashionable, particularly when it comes to body jewelry.

Pastels, modern florals, and pieces reminiscent of bright little candies are all right now while managing to also maintain a classic appeal.  Just look at what little strategic pops of color can do:

 bright Springy body jewelry

For belly piercings especially, size can be important, and upping the ante with more statement styled pieces is just what the doctor ordered for maximum effect.  One way to stay current while bringing a fresh spin is to go for trendy motifs (like natural feathers) but with a distinctly modern edge such as unnatural coloring, mixing with synthetic materials, or the addition of crystal detailing.

 fun dyed feather earrings

When in doubt, pick your favorite bright or pastel shade, and stay within the same color family while slightly varying hue and/or texture for a put together yet effortless effect.  Hello, Spring!  For more fun Spring fashion, be sure to check out our fashion friendly Pinterest.

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