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floral plug jewelry fashion

Today may be Water a Flower Day, but we’re about to introduce you to some posies that don’t need sunshine and H2O.  Say hello to the fabulous flowers of stretch mod.

Organic wood is incredibly healthy for stretched ears because it’s naturally more porous than most man-made materials, allowing the fistula (the piercing itself) to breathe.  This is especially good for ears that are still healing from a recent stretch, and it helps to prevent piercing funk, that nasty scent that can sometimes accompany stretched lobes. Along with stretching balm and cleansing sea salt spray, wood plugs of any kind are a great addition to your arsenal.

 natural wood flower plugs

Stone is another good option if you’re interested in a natural look.  Because of the slight natural variances in hue and ribboning, these polished pieces will match eachother well without being perfectly identical from every angle.  Plus, they’re a heavier weight than most wood or acrylic items, which also makes them ideal for use during the stretching process.

 stone flower plugs

Acrylic items have their advantages too though.  They’re lightweight, nice and smooth for easy wear, and able to be created in vibrant colors that you won’t find with natural products.  If you like designs, gems, brights, and flawless finishes, these are definitely the ones for you.

 floral acrylic plugs

So after you water your garden today, why not check out some flowers of a different kind?  These fun summery styles are always in bloom.

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