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See our friend Stephanie getting, not one, but two new piercings! Her work is being done by our best piercing buddy, James, of American Skin Art located in Buffalo, NY.

Money shot: 0:39 and 1:41

What are Angel bites?

This piercing is two monroe piercings, which are located off to each side and just above the upper lip.

The Process

The areas are cleaned and sterilized, then marked with a temporary ink. The piercer may also use a type of measuring device to be sure the placement will exactly symmetrical. The piercings are done one at a time, the clamp is applied to the first side and the area is inspected to see where the back of the jewelry will sit against the gums. This ensures the jewelry won’t be damaging teeth. Once ready, the piercer will the pass the needle through the desired spot, cork off the pointed end, then proceed to follow the needle out with the jewelry. The post is trimmed and the ball end is placed and secured. The process is then repeated on the other side. After a bit of clean up, we’re all done!


These piercings take about 6 to 8 weeks to be healed. Be sure to see your piercer for complete care information!


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