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Fall’s rolling in, and while that means coats, falling leaves, and nippy weather, it also means one of the biggest celebrations around the world, the 201st Annual Oktoberfest!  Now Oktoberfest isn’t just an excuse for everyone to get together and sit at giant tables to eat and drink as much as humanly possible over a seventeen day period.  Wait, what am I saying?  That’s exactly what Oktoberfest is about!  What started off as Munich’s annual field fair to exhibit the local food, beer, and agriculture has grown into the largest and most celebrated festival in the world!

Starting off in the early 1800s in Munich, Germany, what began as a simple farmers fair and horse race quickly grew to an exhibition of what local craftsmen had to offer.  By the end of the 1800s the fair had grown into more of what we know today, with massive beer tents for the millions of patrons and homegrown Bavarian beer to be distributed.   As the festival has grown, they’ve strived for safety, as Oktoberfest became a more family oriented event.  There’s even a designated time of day for only soft music to be played, so that children and seniors can enjoy the festivities without excess noise.

One thing you might not know about Oktoberfest is that those thousands upon thousands of gallons of beer that are consumed during the 2 week celebration all follow the regulation that they must be brewed within city limits.  In keeping with festival traditions of their local support and display, in order to be designated an official Oktoberfest brew, the batch must be approved by a board of local brewers as being up to the standards of Oktoberfest.

Once you’ve gotten your thirst quenched and a solid hunger worked up, the traditional Oktoberfest has no lack of classic German cuisine to fill you up and keep you running, no matter how long you decide to stay in the beer tent. Schweinebraten, Reiberdatschi, and Weisswurst  (roast pork, potato pancakes and white sausage) are just a few of those foods that in true German fashion are designed to fill you up and keep you going strong and bold through a freezing Winter.

Last year it was estimated that over 7,100,000 liters (1,875,621 gallons) of beer was consumed in the beer tents alone, much done through the traditional Oktoberfest Stein; A 1 liter ceramic mug sold each year that’s designed specifically to commemorate that years festival.  Nothing says “time to drink up” like a full liter refill every time you sit down.

Now, all around the world people raise their glasses in the name of Oktoberfest, as the festival has spread to be a celebration of the tasty traditional food, hearty Bavarian drinks, and great times to be had with loved ones in the glory of your home town heritage.  So this year raise a glass, sing a song, and toast one and all, for another Oktoberfest come and gone and an amazing time to show for it!

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