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If you saw any of the looks for Spring 2015 during fashion week this past fall, one thing may have stood out to you as strange (and by strange, I mean more eccentric than usual high-end fashion trends.) Rodarte’s fashion walk showcased models wearing… eyebrow rings? While the makeup was subtle, one could hardly overlook the jewelry that adorned their brows, the entire curve of which was lined with small rings. The lead makeup artist for the line did not give away the secret as to how this look was achieved, but as with most fashion week surprises, it could be foreshadowing a re-emerging trend in body piercing. You thought we left the eyebrow piercing in the 90’s? AS IF!

Eyebrow piercings are typically placed towards the outer edge of the brow, slanted a bit so that it is perpendicular to the curve of the brow. Horizontal piercings, just under the outer edge of the brow, and central brow piercings are a little less common. As with many piercings, there are a few different shapes of jewelry that can be worn in the eyebrow. Most common are curved barbells. They are typically made of titanium, gold, surgical steel, acrylic or bioplast.

Barbells also come with dangle charms, as seen above. Much like a belly ring, the balls at the ends of a barbell screw off to allow removal and changing of the piercing. Eyebrow rings can be a difficult piercing to remove, since your hand will obstruct your view of the ring in a mirror. It is best to make sure to unscrew from above the eyebrow. Definitely not a piercing you want to change above a sink!

Another common piece of jewelry worn in the eyebrow is the captive ring. Most piercings will be done with an 18 or 16 gauge needle.

Captive rings are a bit trickier to remove. For a full tutorial and video, please check out our post:
Video: Up Close – How to Change a Captive Bead Ring

Even if 2015 doesn’t see the return of the eyebrow piercing, maybe this will spark some inspiration for those of you who are craving a new piercing, but can’t decide what to get. Septum piercings are so 2014! (We still love them, though.)

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