Spotlight on Winter Graphics: Hungry Like the Wolf

by Lorna

winter wolf graphics

They’re cute, fuzzy, majestic, fierce, and now, also fashionable.  Is there anything that the wolf can’t do?  From ikat to cartoon, spiritual to sinister, these cuddly canids are fast becoming a cold season graphic maverick.  Amongst trending styles, hyper-realistic monochrome and splashes of brilliant color are finding a foothold, particularly when it comes to jewelry and accessories.

wolf graphics for winter

One of our favorite ways to wear wolfy art?  In our lobes.

cool graphic wolf themed plug body jewelry

Plugs featuring imagery of these pleasant pups go great with like-themed clothing, or on their own as an interest-grabbing accent.  Clip some feathers in your hair for a fun tribal look, sweep tresses up to deliver drama, or let locks fall where they may for a modern twist.

by Lorna

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