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wedding-worthy jewelry for moms

It’s that time of year again.  Proms, fancy garden parties, and weddings, weddings, and still more weddings.  One of the most difficult things about planning a wedding for brides is deciding what everyone who’s involved is going to wear, and that includes the very special and eternally helpful mother of the bride.  So what can you get mom to help complete a sophisticated, modern, and beautiful wedding look?  Never fear; we’re here to make this an easy decision.

For young moms

The last thing a young bride’s young mother wants is to look matronly at her beautiful daughter’s wedding, so rather than something too demure, a more fun and modern look is a good way to go.  To match simple (un-patterned) dresses or solid color pants suits, chandelier earrings can be a great solution.  They have a gently flirty appeal that says, “just because my baby’s getting married doesn’t make me a granny.” Plus, they’re still pretty versatile; you can either pair them with a matching necklace, coordinated cocktail ring, or nothing else at all.

 mom-worthy chandelier dangle earrings

To accessorize a more busy ensemble, like a floral cocktail dress or patterned blouse, solid color crystal earrings keep it youthful and fresh while letting the outfit do most of the talking.

For formal affairs

To make traditional jewelry a little extra special, try going with an aurora crystal piece rather than just standard clear crystal.  The subtle iridescent shine draws just the right amount of attention, and moms who prefer classic styling won’t object to the chic hint of pastels.

 mom-worthy aurora crystal dangle earrings

For laid back bashes

If your nuptials are being held in an easy breezy, down-to-earth setting like a backyard barbecue or beachside picnic, it can be a little tricky to find jewelry that’s laid back and a cut above.  That’s where shells come in.  You can keep it simple with natural tones for earthy moms, or amp up the personality with brilliant hues for modern moms.

 mom-worthy shell earrings

To add a necklace into the mix, go for simple layered looks, matching shell pendants, or funky island beading that brings the summery vibe home.

For traditional church weddings

Spiritually inclined moms will really appreciate the luxury of gold or sterling silver mixed with the beauty of faith.  Classic religious jewelry says love, connection, and a reinforcement of spirituality as you add to a beautiful, growing family.

mom-worthy gold cross earrings

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