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Sapphire is the gemstone for the month of September. This brilliant gemstone is a striking deep blue color that sparkles and shines. The Sapphire stone symbolizes truth, faithfulness and sincerity. This gemstone is very popular and carries many beliefs and stories with it. Some ancient civilizations believed that the world was set upon a giant Sapphire and that its reflection painted the sky blue. Also, Price Charles chose this rich colored gemstone to give to Prince Diana for their wedding. Ever since,  it has been a popular choice for engagement rings. The month of September is the month that most babies are born which is why the Sapphire also represents joy and peace. In addition, the Sapphire is the second hardest gemstone, after the Diamond of course, making it very durable.

We have a great selection of Sapphire nose rings, earrings and belly rings for those born in September or those who just love the rich blue color! Choose between our Sapphire jewelry made with Austrian crystals, Cubic Zirconia, Diamonds, 14k white or yellow gold and more! We also carry these beautiful products made with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS. There are different styles available as well. For example the nose bone and nose screw nose rings, the Venetian glam and dangle earrings and the four leaf clover and double gem belly rings. These are only a few options for the gorgeous, genuine Sapphire birthstone jewelry! Check out our jewelry made with this brilliant Sapphire birthstone, it is truly a heavenly choice!

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