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And the Pantone Institute’s 2015 Color of the Year is (drum roll please!) …marsala?

 Pantone Institiute color of the year 2015

Now before you go getting bummed about this seemingly anti-climactic season opener, allow us to clarify exactly what marsala really is.  Whereas wine, or deep red with a hint of violet, may be a color about as old as time itself, marsala is a far more brilliant offshoot.  In the purest (and certainly intended) form, we’re talking about a rich, dimensional, rusty red that hearkens to the era of film noir.  A color that’s capable of bringing out every woman’s inner femme fatale, and transforming your average about-town joe into a dashing gentleman of leisure.

 the magic of marsala

It pairs well with like tones including plum and ochre, pinky neutrals such as apricot, terra cotta, and coral, and rich warm browns like bronze, coconut, and amber.  It even lends depth when combined with desaturated pastels such as lilac heather, dusty rose, and lemon gray.

Is it the color that is a mystery wrapped in an enigma?  Now your getting it!  Just think of what a little strategic red can do.

 what marsala red can do

Last Note:  For anyone who doesn’t partake of such libations, you’ll be intrigued to know that the new signature shade gets its name from (perhaps you guessed) marsala wine, a distinct, sweet table red that originally hails from southern Italy.

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