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sunglasses that match your mods

Today is Sunglasses Day, and we’re here to help you find the perfect pair of shades to go with all your awesome piercings.  Ready?

If you have symmetrical piercings:

fun retro shapes that work well with symmetry

Have some fun and go retro with some rectangular shades, or some flirty cat eyes.  Wider set frames that are vertically slender look best with symmetrical piercings and features.

If you have a single piercing in the middle of your face (your nostril or septum):

aviators to create symmetry

Go for some aviators or similarly shaped sunnies.  The unique lens shape and high-set bridge tricks the eye by making the face appear more symmetrical.

If you have a single off-center lip piercing, upper or lower:

square shapes to offset facial focus

Opt for a set of square frames.  These are bulky enough to offset the focus on your mouth, so people are more likely to notice your entire pretty face, rather than just your lips.

If you have multiple a-symmetrical piercings all over your face:

wayfarers to balance multiple piercings

Get hip with some classic wayfarers.  The cool frame shape adds interest to the top portion of the face, to balance out a multitude of lip, cheek, and nose piercings.

And finally, if all that’s pierced are your ears:

fun shapes to add interest

Experiment with some cool shapes like hearts, or be bold with some funky round sunnies a-la steampunk.

Just remember, no matter which pairs of shades you ultimately choose, to rock them with confidence, and let your mods shine.

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