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modification care in the new year

The new year is officially here, so say hello to 2014, and start racking up those resolutions.  Now is the perfect time to recommit to a skin care regimen, including the proper healthy aftercare of piercings, tattoos, dermals, and other body art.

For body art to look its best, the skin must be clean, moisturized, and piercings well healed.  For many of us though, this is easier said than done.  Who has time for sanitizing the sink and fiddling with paper products, messy soaps, and special creams?  We’re lucky to make it out the door on time in the morning, and after work or school, all we want is to unwind.

That’s where the convenience of pre-mixed aftercare solutions comes in.  With specially formulated mouthwashes, sprays, foams, and moisturizers, caring for piercings and tattoos can actually be easy.  No cotton balls, disinfecting wipes, or cue tips are necessary.  Just swish, spray, or rub in, and get back to your life.

 convenient pre-mixed aftercare solutions

Skin care resolutions?  In the bag!  Now if we could only eat better, drop those bad habits, and tone that trouble spot…

Happy 2014!

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