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Roaring Twenties theme parties are a new and interesting take on the get together, dinner party, or barbecue, and have been popping up everywhere in the past few years.  The biggest part of this trend that makes it so much fun is the aspect of dress-up or playing a part.  Women dress as flappers or young privileged socialites, men as mobsters, whiskey runners, politicians, or bartenders.  Zuit suits, tassels, fringe, red and white stripes, hats, boas, feathers, pearls, and sequins and sparkles of all kinds really set the mood.

Art deco style jewelry is a perfect fit for a flapper costume, and pieces depicting natural flora, bows, or geometric shapes fit the bill.  Lots of gemstones and clustering of juxtaposing shapes in the fine detail will really make a 1920’s theme look stand out, and when in doubt it’s always true to the time period to layer strings of pearls.

Though some Roaring Twenties parties will be casual brunch, others will have speakeasy themes including alcohol and casino decorations.  For those who are pierced, this is a great chance to throw a modern curve ball into the prohibition mix with cherries and spades, or accessories that are lightly themed for gambling.

A casino party that doesn’t have a specific era in mind is perfect for more modern logo and gemstone designs featuring dice, spades, playing cards, stars, billiard balls, dollar signs, and poker chips.  In this style of jewelry, you’re sure to always create a fresh and unique look that will bring extra attention to a casino themed ensemble.

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