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Celebrating Pride Month

The Month of June is LGBT Pride Month, and we’re breaking out the best in pride-centered jewelry.  Whether you celebrate with a rally, a parade, or just by showing your support with what you wear, there’s always a reason to rock out with rainbow jewelry.  The rainbow is a beautiful emblem of diversity and acceptance, and has been recognized as an LGBT rights movement symbol since the 1970s.  In fact, the first rainbow pride flag was designed by Gilbert Baker, an artist from San Francisco, in 1978, the same year that the country’s first piercing studio ( The Gauntlet) opened in West Hollywood.

rainbow titanium pride body jewelry

Another great vehicle for couples pride is the addition of dual male/female symbol jewelry.  No matter what your relationship status, showing support for same-sex coupling is important both in June, and all year ’round.  It enforces the right to love, partner, and build a life with whomever any of us choose.

Male and Female Symbol Pride Jewelry

So pack on your pride-wear and work it rainbow style.  And have an awesome and enlightening month of June.

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