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Know anybody with an eyebrow piercing?  Then give us five minutes, and gift shopping woes will be a thing of the past.  Depending on the anatomy and personal style preferences, there are three basic types of jewelry for eyebrow piercings: curved barbells, straight barbells, and circulars.

Circular barbells include ball captive rings, closure rings, and horseshoe rings.  So first, here’s what all of those look like:

 BCRs, Closure Rings, and Horseshoes

If the owner of the piercing usually wears ring shaped jewelry, this is a definite best bet for getting them new items.  If so, you’ll want to know the gauge (thickness) and diameter of the rings they normally wear.

The more common style of eyebrow piercing utilizes a small curved barbell like this one here:

 small curved barbell style eyebrow jewelry

For these you need to know the gauge size and the length, and length here is measured directly across from one end to the other, rather than along the curve.

Although straight barbells are a less prevalent style, those who prefer them may have issues using curved items, so it’s best to get them another straight piece.  You’ll again need the gauge and length, but once you have it picking a style can be quite fun.  Many of these items have fun or interesting dangles that you might not see with other types of jewelry.

 straight barbell dangle eyebrow jewelry

There.  Now you know everything you need to know and it’s time to let your style senses take over.  Happy shopping.

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