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Breast Cancer Awareness in October

Even though the month is almost over, it’s never too late to support one of the most important women’s health causes around the world: Breast Cancer Awareness.  With an estimated 1.4 million new cases being diagnosed each year worldwide, Breast Cancer effects the lives of persons in every country, every social class, and every age group.

 pink awareness silicone bracelets

Wearing pink is a great way to show support for all of our mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends who are struggling with this deadly disease or working towards the evolution of a cure.   A portion of the proceeds from the sale of all Breast Cancer Awareness items shown here will be donated to awareness, research, or charity funds, and they give the added bonus of boosting recognition within the community when worn.

 pink ribbon awareness belly rings

So let’s encourage awareness, knowledge, testing, fundraising, and community support, and make Pinktober last all year long.

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