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Medusa and Jestrum Piercings

If you’re looking for a unique new facial piercing, why not try a Medusa or its vertical counterpart the Jestrum?  Medusa piercing is also called philtrum, divot, or upper piercing.  It’s a facial piercing above the middle of the upper lip in the center of the divot between the nose and mouth.  The actual scientific name for this area is the infranasal depression.  This piercing looks good on its own or can be successfully worn with other facial or lip piercings.  Depending on the aesthetic you are going for and your actual anatomy, the medusa may work better nearer to the nose, closer to the lip, or right in the center.  Jewelry is normally a flat back labret post.

A Jestrum piercing is a vertical medusa, still located in the middle of the upper lip.  It is directly under the nasal septum.  The procedure is very similar to a vertical labret piercing.  Unlike the Medusa a Jestrum piercing generally uses a curved barbell.  Both ends of the piercing are visible externally, with the lower part of the barbell curving around the underside of the upper lip.  A Jestrum piercing looks awesome alone, or creates a symmetrical look when combined with a labret piercing.

pairing Jestrums and Medusas with Labrets

Both Medusa and Jestrum piercings should be done by a trained, professional piercer with a 14 or 16 gauge hollow piercing needle.  The piercing spot is marked with a surgical pen, forceps are applied to the area to keep it in place, and the needle is pushed through the flesh in a smooth motion.  During this procedure some people report that it feels a little like you’re getting a quick punch to the nose (rather than the normal sensation you feel with an oral piercing).  Your eyes are also likely to water. Incorrect jewelry and improper placement can lead to oral problems such as tooth and gum erosion, so make sure your piercer is professional, and check their portfolio for similar piercings.

Medusa and Jestrum piercings are both fun additions to your own personal collection.  Do you have these piercings?  Respond below with your story!



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