Piercing Stories: Kayla's Tragus Piercing Interview

Piercing Stories: Kayla's Tragus Piercing Interview

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  • BodyCandy: What inspired/motivated you to get a tragus piercing?

  • Kayla: "I started getting headaches and migraines when I was pretty young. As I got older and began treating my migraines with monthly acupuncture visits, I learned about stress in the body and acupressure points. Rumor has it, the tragus is an acupressure gold mine for headache or migraine pain! I got my tragus piercings done about a year apart (one in each ear!), because after I got my first tragus pierced, I left significantly less pain on that side of my head. After getting the other side done, I feel less overall pain and my headaches and migraines have been less frequent too!"


  • BodyCandy: Was this your first piercing (beyond your lobes?)

  • Kayla: "I have 4 lobe piercings, but my tragus piercings are my first non-lobe piercings!"

    BodyCandy: Can you describe your experience during the piercing?

    Kayla: "Both tragus experiences were great for me! My piercers were very helpful and made my comfort their priority. First, they marked a location on my skin so I could look and give my opinion on it. When we were ready, they helped me breathe through the actual moment of piercing, and boom! We were done!"

  • BodyCandy: How did you feel immediately before getting your tragus pierced? Were you nervous or excited?

  • Kayla: "I was very excited before my appointments! I thought, 'If these work and my headaches hurt less, great! If not, I still have an awesome new piercing to show off!'"

  • BodyCandy: What was the pain like during the piercing process? Can you rate it on a scale from 1 to 10?

  • Kayla: "I would say it was a 3. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but it was all over so fast, I barely had time to think about the hurt before it was gone."

  • BodyCandy: What was the most challenging part of the healing process for you?

  • Kayla: "For me, the worst part was not twisting the jewelry! When I have a stud in, I twist it and play with it when I don’t have anything better to do with my hands."

  • BodyCandy: Did you experience any unexpected aspects of the healing process?
  • Kayla: "I never thought about how often I put in earbuds, but when your tragus piercing is healing, you can’t wear them! I was living a half life, only hearing half my music for 6 months!"

  • BodyCandy: How long did it take for your tragus piercing to fully heal?

  • Kayla: "It took my first tragus piercing about 7 months to get to a point where I could comfortably wear earbuds, or not hurt like crazy if it snagged on a turtleneck! My second tragus piercing is about 3 months old and I don’t get many crusties, but it’s still a little tender to sleep on that side all night. It's definitely not healed yet though."

  • BodyCandy: Did you encounter any complications, such as infections or rejections, during the healing process?

    Kayla: "Nope! I had a super smooth healing process!"

  • BodyCandy: Did you have to make any changes to your daily routine to accommodate your new piercing?

    Kayla: "I already mentioned the earbud thing- but while my tragus piercings were healing, I had to use the opposite ear to answer the phone for a while. Also, putting on turtle necks was a little dicey!"

  • BodyCandy: How did you manage sleeping during the first few weeks after getting pierced to avoid irritating the area?

  • Kayla: "I have a pillow that is actually meant to be more supportive for people with neck problems, and one of the features is an indent in the center so that when you sleep on your side, your ear isn’t crushed into the pillow. It works perfectly for side sleepers with ear piercings! 10/10 would recommend!"

  • BodyCandy: Can you provide more details on any migraine-relieving properties since getting your tragus pierced, as some people report?

  • Kayla: "I’ve noticed that I’ve had significantly less tension headaches since getting my tragus piercings! My occipital regions (left and right) have always carried a lot of stress and tension. I tried everything to help- even botox and lidocaine injections into my scalp to try to minimize the pain. Before acupuncture and my tragus piercings, nothing worked for me personally!"

  • BodyCandy: Have you received any reactions or comments about your tragus piercing from friends, family, or strangers?

  • Kayla: "I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on mine! I don't think tragus piercings are the most common, so a lot of people don’t realize you can get it pierced. The dainty little stud is a perfect dash of glam to add to any set of earrings!"

  • BodyCandy: How has your perception of body modification, if at all, changed since getting your tragus pierced?

  • Kayla: "I’ve definitely started considering getting other, less traditional ear piercings! I was a lobe person for a long time but maybe I’m entering my cartilage era."

  • BodyCandy: Do you plan to get/have you gotten any more piercings in the future? If so, which ones?

  • Kayla: "I’ve got 4 lobe and 2 tragus piercings right now but I’ve got my eye on an industrial piercing!"

  • BodyCandy: Looking back, is there anything you wish you had known before getting your tragus pierced?

  • Kayla: "I wish I had been told how my jewelry came apart! I had only ever had traditional studs with butterfly backs, for lobes, and I wasn’t sure if my jewelry was a twist apart or a pull apart, or what!"


  • BodyCandy: How has the tragus piercing impacted your personal style or confidence?

    Kayla: "I love having a unique, added touch of flair to my jewelry game! I’ve always loved combining earrings, now I have a whole new spot to add to my arrangement of pieces!"

  • BodyCandy: What advice would you give to someone considering getting their tragus pierced?

  • Kayla: "I would say get a pillow that has an indent in it like the ones made for side sleepers or a travel pillow. If you lay on your side in bed at all, you’ll barely notice your healing piercing with one of those!"

  • BodyCandy: How do you feel about the level of care and maintenance your tragus piercing requires?

  • Kayla: "I was fine with the maintenance. The first few weeks, I would let the warm water of the shower run over it to clean it, followed up by some saline spray when the shower was over, just to clear any soap or anything from it. Then I would use it again before bed, to make sure it was clean. It wasn’t difficult at all!"

  • BodyCandy: A year on, how do you feel about your decision to get your tragus pierced, and would you do it again?

  • Kayla: "I was so happy with my decision to get my tragus pierced! So happy, that I got the other side done less than a year later! I very much would recommend it to anyone with tension headaches. Placebo or not, my migraines and headaches have been lightened!"



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