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Retro Prep

 preppy retro 50s and 60s fashion

Preppy is definitely back this season, especially when mixed with touches of fifties or sixties retro.  Think fun hats, mod color blocking, patterned heads wraps, light weight trenches, and round shades.  Though solid steel or shiny black titanium are the norm, amping it up is super easy; just throw in a single piece set with a gem or in a bright shade.

Perfectly Punk

 gothic and punk styling

For all you punks who usually stick with solid steel, it’s time to get a fashion fix that forces you outside your comfort zone.  Steely blues, black spikes, or a hint of natural stone keeps the dark and brooding vibe while breathing new life into the aesthetic.  Modern rockers can get their hardcore on by mixing in a little texture too.  Swirls, 3D designs, and carbon fiber are all great ways to attract a little extra attention.

Grunge Skate

 90s grunge and skater fashion

Grunge isn’t only a nineties, Nirvana, plaid-shirt-of-the-day thing anymore; the updated look is full of femininity and possibilities.  Stacks of bracelets, washes of tie dye, and natural wooden plugs are all great add-ins for that slightly unkempt, carelessly casual style.  And skater girls can benefit from a splash of neon, especially if it happens to coordinate with your favorite board.

Geeky Chic

 fun nerdy fashion

If you’ve been hesitating lately to embrace your geekness, now is definitely your fashion moment.  Bow ties, driving caps, cardis and tweed?  Don’t mind if we do!  Steel is certainly the look of the minute when you’re mixing and matching with herringbone or checks, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.  Try pairing studs with spikes, matte finishes with high shine, and don’t forget a little charm can go a long way.

Sporty Swagger

sporty school yard styling

Last but definitely not least, for all you sporty sweeties, an update to simple can drive away the blahs.  Standard designs with no dangling elements can be dressed up in literally dozens of ways.  Press fit gems, yellow or rose gold tones, and fun racing stripes are all on the list for 2013.  Just don’t forget your aftercare spray for when it’s time to wash away those sweats.  Grand slam!

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