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fun with creamy color

Today is Vanilla Ice Cream Day (and you know how much we all scream for ice cream), but if you’re looking for other ways to celebrate that are a little less messy, cool vanilla color is an awesome substitute.

Standard white is a little bit boring for the senses, but creamy vanilla whites are a cut above, especially when it comes to body jewelry.  Just think of it as dessert for your wardrobe; that fun little extra touch that makes a style stand out.

 shades of vanilla pastel

Our favorite way to wear it in Summer?  Faux pearl belly rings and a lacey crop tee.  Just check out all of these warm pearly pieces that transition seamlessly from day at the beach, to night at the party.  And no matter how you wear it, never forget, vanilla may look boring on the surface, but underneath that golden pale is a whole lot of vivacious flavor.  Kind of reminds you of someone you know, right?

sweet creamy colored faux pearl belly rings

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