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What’s red and green and brown all over?  No, it’s not a Christmas tree.  It’s the new American cowgirl.

 cute modified cowgirl

Western wear is a hot ticket this season, and we’re not just talking dress-up for Halloween.  Not only is November National American Indian Heritage Month, but it’s also prime weather for a little touch of Southwestern flare.

You might be envisioning hideous full skirts, dirty boots, and a whole lot of unsightly and shapeless button-downs, but before you swear off of rodeo-wear for good, just take a second to hear us out.  We promise, this isn’t your momma’s old West.  The modern cowgirl style has ditched the overtly hometown-damsel look in favor of a sleeker, more powerhouse silhouette.  Rolled up skinny jeans, tailored cotton shirts, and sexy touches of leather are more the order of the day.

fun neo-western fashionWestern Fashion (source: WGSN)

So snatch up your snake skin booties, loosely plait your dip-dyed ends, and get ready for a Fall that will make you scream, “yee-haw!”

 unique and colorful spiral ear tapers

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