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 hot snow queen style

Everyone knows that Winter is all about being cold.  It’s mostly snow, ice, and miserable weather that causes even more miserable things like brushing off our cars every morning, getting stuck in slow-moving traffic, and having to bundle up in a bazillion layers.  But if there’s one cool thing about the season of freezin’ it’s the fashion, and if you can’t beat the deep freeze, why not join in?

 sparkling icy jewelry

Sparkling gems and icy pastels are fresh, glitzy, and go perfectly with piercings, dermals, and tattoos.  Soft washes of color in the hair are a beauty bonus, and brilliant blue makeup is the icing on the cake.  For a subtle look, try jazzing up just a single piercing, making it the dazzling focal point of your cold weather look.  More experienced ice queens can coordinate multiple pieces for an all-over glamour that screams “so hot it’ll make the snow melt.”

 iridescent crystal ice jewelry

Pairing all that sparkle with a classic white textile palette pumps up the snowy hot style even more, and for an extra “right now” nudge, some fabulous faux fur makes it pop.  Now you’re ready for a freezing snow ball fight, and maybe a warm cuddle afterwards. (Wink.)

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