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Pantone color of the year 2013

The Pantone Institute has announced 2013’s color of the year, and this time it’s a real gem!  You heard right, the 2013 color of the year is Pantone 17-5641, otherwise known in simple terms as “emerald.”

Emerald green is a mid-tone, slightly bluish, vibrant hue, which makes it a perfect choice for alternative fashion.  From hair color, to evening wear, leather, and of course jewelry, emerald is taking the season by storm.  Just look at all the fun ways to rock this jammin jewel tone:

 ways to wear the emerald hue(source: WGSN)

For those who are ready to take the plunge, a splurge on real emerald jewelry is a potent fashion investment, but if you want the look without emptying your pockets, fear not.  There’s a plethora of faux emerald items out there that still pack a punch of irresistible color.  Amongst our favorites: the green CZ nose ring.

green cubic zirconia nose jewelry

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