Piercing Fashion Flash: Curse of the Vampire

by Body Candy

Mood: Dark, mystical, powerful, and everlasting. The vampire has risen from the annuls of folklore to take a place in modern society, but an ancient, slightly unnatural, and very lush sensibility remains in the forefront of its fashion sense.

Color Palette: Black and white, pastels, shades of gray, regal violet, and blood reds.

Inspiration: Vampire movies, books, television series, and general popular mythology. Artwork that reflects that mythology and has strong substance.  Examples both historical and contemporary, including iconography.

Mixology: A range of pales, pastels, jewel tones, and brilliant reds mixes with monochrome for a powerful contrast and maximum effect.

Practicality: Stick to single statement pieces that give maximum impact for minimum effort, like ornate gothic drop earrings, a single dark floral hair accessory, or a statement necklace, preferably with beading. Solid black studs for labret and nose piercings keeps the look cohesive.


by Body Candy

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