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fun graffiti style

Raise your hand if you feel like giving a little lip.  One of the funnest ways to backtalk (besides getting it tattooed of course), is with what you wear.  It may not be a new fashion, but with the changing times, it’s definitely becoming a trend to get a little mouthy without saying a word.

wearing wordplay logos and graffiti

As graffiti continues to develop into the chosen urban art-form, self expression is casting off the limitations of traditionally acceptable art.  Words or imagery that play upon kitsch culture and popular media influence are rising in popularity amongst alternative artists who’ve begun to explore alternative media.  Just some of the amazingly fresh techniques being pioneered by urban artists: origami shadow portraiture, found object graffiti, biochemical tableau, and sidewalk chalk illusionism.

found object, biochemical, and illusionist art

Want your own bit of alternative art?  Graffiti fashion and jewelry can help you make your own street statement; no artistic talent required.

fun word graffiti belly jewelry

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