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celebrating National Hat Day

Today is National Hat Day in the US.  Sounds a little bit interesting, no?  Just when you thought there was a holiday for literally everything, here comes another new one!  Actually, this unofficial day of celebration has apparently been around for some time.  Although no single person or group has taken official credit for this fun mini holiday, there are rumors linking it to the Headwear Association, who now names a “Hat person of the Year” on this fashionably auspicious day.

 fashion with different hats

In case you’re wondering how you’re meant to celebrate, it’s actual as simple as putting on a hat!  And what’s the best thing to wear with your favorite hat?  Flowers, of course.  Big flowers, small flowers, colorful flowers, all kinds of flowers; they really do hold a chapeau-focused ensemble together in just the right way.  You can wear them in your hair, or around your neck, but for a youthful modern look, they’re also great in modified ears.  Start small with accents or cute little studs, graduate to dangle earrings or BCRs, or “go big or go home” with some beautiful blooming plugs.

 fun acrylic floral plug body jewelry

Fun Hat Day Trivia

– Some of the top reasons to wear a hat in the US include safety, religion, fashion, and warmth.

– A designer/fabricator of hats is called a milliner.

– More body heat is lost through the head than any other part of the body, so a hat really does help to keep you warm.

– Some of the most famous figures in world history were known for wearing highly recognizable hats, such as Abraham Lincoln’s stovepipe hat, Napoleon Bonaparte’s bicorne hat, and Jackie Kennedy’s trademark pillbox hat.

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