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Money shot: 0:25

Skella decided to get her conch pierced, and luckily she knew just who to ask! Time we took a little trip to see James at American Skin Art in Buffalo, NY.

The initial steps for the conch piercing include making sure that the inner cartilage area will work for the piercing. The last thing you want is a piercing that doesn’t fit properly! James gives the okay, and starts the process. Using a hollow piercing needle, James pushes it through Skella’s cartilage from front to back. To ensure no accidental pokes, he puts a cork on the exposed end of the needle. James then inserts the jewelry, following the piercing needle through the hole. The ball end is screwed onto Skella’s new barbell, and she’s got a brand new conch piercing!

Healing time: 3-9 months, 6 months on average.

Initial Jewelry: 14 or 12 gauge barbell

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