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Rare piercings are a sight to behold, and if you’re as obsessed with body art as we are, they might just give you some ideas of your own.  Check out these beauties:

Triple Tongue Piercing

Three piercings of the tongue, whether next to eachother, in a vertical line (a-la- Elayne Angel), or arranged in a pattern.

multiple piercings of the tongue

Nose Bridge Piercings

Piercings of the skin over the nose’s bridge (also called an Erl piercing), generally the most fleshy portion between the eyelids or eyebrows.

piercings of the nose bridge

Vertical Labrets

A vertical piercing of the lower lip, usually worn with a curved barbell or flexible bioplast bar.

vertical piercings of the lower lip

Madison Piercings

Piercings at the front of the throat that can be worn with a curved barbell, BCR, surface bar, or as a dermal piercing.

madison neck piercings

Clavicle Piercings

Piercings directly over or at the top crest of the clavicle.  These are most often performed in pairs (one on each side), and are best performed as surface piercings and worn with surface bars.

clavicle chest bone piercings

Double Septum Piercings

Two piercings of the nasal septum or “sweet spot” flesh, normally worn with circular barbells.

multiple piercings of the nasal septum

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

Horizontally placed piercings (usually surface piercings) above or directly over the brow.

horizontal brow piercings

Third Eye Piercing

A piercing in the third eye chakra area between the eyebrows.  These are popular as dermal piercings, but can also be seen in surface piercing style.

third eye forehead piercings

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