Perfect Piercings for Halloween

Perfect Piercings for Halloween

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     Are you ready for one of the best days of they year… Halloween!? This Halloween, why not change out your jewelry for something a little spooky, a little scary, and a whole lot stylish! Whatever the piercing, Body Candy has Halloween-themed jewelry to suit every taste and look.

     Bats, aside from being cute little critters that devour those pesky mosquitoes, are always a good look for Halloween. Click here for lots of batty styles! This sweet little bat is available on numerous pieces including belly rings, segment rings (great for almost any piercing that uses 16-gauge circular jewelry), and even industrial barbells!

    If you want to rock a bloody cool look in your stretched lobes, these clear acrylic plugs are full of (fake) blood to give you just the kind of style you’re after! Click here to shop & checkout a video of the motion of these plugs!


 If a spooky skeleton is what you’re into and you like a bit of Steampunk style, these clockwork skeletons should be right up your alley! With their black and red color scheme, they’re perfect the whole year round. Click here to check out all styles in this cool collection.


  It wouldn’t be Halloween without a pumpkin….and we have all kinds of pumpkin-themed jewelry! Ranging from pumpkins with cats to dancing pumpkins, to strings of pumpkins dangling from chains, Body Candy has a jack o’lantern to suit your every desire! Click to shop all of our perfect pumpkin styles.


Make a little magic with our array of witch-themed jewelry! From witch’s hats to witchy cats, this jewelry is sure to cast a spell on you! Click to shop wonderfully witchy halloween picks.

     Halloween is coming coming up fast so get your piercings ready to party with some fresh new jewelry. Whether your costume is scary or sexy, it will definitely look even better with some sweet Halloween-themed body jewelry to go with it!!

P.S. - didn't find a halloween style you like? Click here to shop ALL Halloween jewelry