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In the digital age, shopping online has become a common practice, with just over 71% of those in the US who have internet access doing regular online shopping, and an estimated 83% of adults worldwide having made at least one internet purchase at some point in their lives.  Along with e-commerce of course, comes marketing ventures by all form of companies who would attempt to gain an edge by providing their net-surfing customer base something their competitors can’t.  And this year we’ve seen new trends developing in the UK that are proof of beauty giants doing just that.

Since the release of reward and loyalty programs by several UK based beauty companies in the past few years, there has also been a spike in availability of apps for smart phones and iPhone, leaving consumers in both the UK and the US with a plethora of new and exciting opportunities.  Some companies that have released reward programs in the past few years include Debenhams, Space NK, and most recently Superdrug.  Debenhams also came out with an amazing application for iPhone known as “Beauty Club,” allowing its following to easily access information and tutorials on everything from make-up application and fragrances, to proper skin care and manicure how-to’s.  Being a member of Beauty Club also means earning rewards points while shopping through the app and taking advantage of options for free shipping.  Sweet deal, right?

So when do we get our own user-friendly super apps stateside?  Well, the trend is on the rise and soon to be in full swing.  Free to download apps are already up and running from L’Oreal (check out their barcode scanning feature) and OPI (where you can view and save your favorite shades of nail polish).  Also moving into mobile territory: popular fashion brands like Topshop, Gucci, and Ralph Lauren.

In the age of e-purchasing, Body Candy may be slightly ahead of its time in the US (currently providing not only online sales but also the ability to save a wishlist, recommend products based on preference, one click view our most popular top selling items in every category, and earn points good for future discount when you create an account), but rest safely assured that the rest of the net and mobile market is bound to catch up eventually.

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