“On Pins and Needles:” What Experts Are Saying About Piercing and Acupuncture Points—Part Two

“On Pins and Needles:” What Experts Are Saying About Piercing and Acupuncture Points—Part Two

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Thanks for checking out Part Two of Bodycandy.com’s discussion of piercing and acupuncture, “On Pins and Needles.”  After receiving several follow up questions to Ann’s March 8 blog post: “Can the Daith Piercing Cure Migraine Headaches?” (which you can check out by clicking here) we wanted to delve deeper into the discussion of piercing in relation to acupuncture. Today’s post focuses on some of the data that was evident after my research. Check out Part Three on July 29th to hear about a solid study I discovered of piercing and acupuncture combined!

“I’m an English major, guys. I love this nerd stuff”–Me

First up: testimonials. There is no doubt about it. A lot of people are saying that they are having success with the daith and other piercings as a pain management tool. Here are a few common elements that I have observed while following up on this aspect of piercing and acupuncture:

  • Many people heard about this piercing online or from friends and then tried it for themselves.
  • Many of the testimonials were given within a few weeks to one month of the original piercing.
  • Very few of the testimonials mentioned the consultation of a trained acupuncture professional or piercer with acupuncture training.

Next: piercing professionals. Though this topic is widely discussed online very few piercing professionals boast professional training BOTH in the art of piercing and in the study of acupuncture.

  • To be specific, I found one piercing professional who has trained with a licensed and respected acupuncturist. This is not to say that there are not more, just that they were not evident after a few hours of online research.
  • This is to say that if your piercer claims to be trained in both—>DO YOUR RESEARCH! Both pain management and acupuncture specialists undergo medical training and screening to become licensed. Giving untrained medical advice is a crime and unprofessional too. 

Finally: acupuncturists studying both acupuncture and piercing. Again, I found one who happens to have worked with the ONE piercing professional (that one up there^) that has trained in acupuncture. 

  • The gist is this–all roads point to two ladies and their combined work in professional piercing and acupuncture.

Check back July 29th for a final installment of “On Pins and Needles,” where I will finally give up that hard data on what a piercing professional and trained acupuncturist have to say about piercing and acupuncture in combined practice. 


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