New Year’s Eve Styles

New Year’s Eve Styles

The new year is fast approaching, and with it a whole new season of parties and events where you want to look your best and feel amazing. Since you’re already planning outfits and styles, why not give your piercings a fresh update in time for the big party? If you’re frantically casting around for ideas, let us give you a peek at some body jewelry to make your look sparkle just as much as the rest of you!

     If you are looking to show off that belly piercing, you’ve got some serious style choices to make. Our Triple Drop Round belly ring offers classic glamour with a modern twist. It’s full of old Hollywood style with on-trend elegance that befits any red carpet. For a baroque look that offers a hint of color, our Rococo Square belly ring is sure to please. Combining opulent style that is almost over-the-top, this luxurious look also adds a touch of aurora color to brighten up any style. For a more powerful pop of color, our Baroque Square Glam belly ring features purple so vivid that it’s sure to have all eyes on you! For a more toned-down color contrast that is still impossible to ignore, our High Class Double Mount belly ring  is gold tone anodized, with black gems for a tried and true contrast and features a double mount style for twice the impact! And for those of you who love to rock a gothic style, our Evening Flower belly ring features a black-on-black color scheme that will help you rule the night like royalty you are!

     Nose piercings can often get overlooked when it’s party time, but your face is the first thing people often see so let’s not forget those nostrils when we’re getting ready to go out! Let that nose piercing be a star when you’re rocking our Clear CZ Gem Star L-shaped Nose Ring that’s not only super stylish, but also super easy to insert and remove! If you prefer a circular style instead, you can get just as glammed up with our Clear CZ Gem Quintet seamless ring for a more opulent look than any unadorned nose ring could possibly bring. You could also check out our Clear CZ Gem forward facing rings in both steel and rose gold tone for a hot style in on-trend shades that definitely will not allow you to fade into the woodwork! Or if you want to go with some serious bling without breaking the bank, our Black CZ Gem nose rings come in both white and yellow 14-karat gold and you can choose the style that’s right for you!

     Don’t forget those lovely ears, either! If your industrial piercing doesn’t want to rock an industrial look, check out this Clear CZ Gem Trifecta! With all that sparkle, people will be whispering sweet nothings in your ear just so they can get a better look! Or if you’re feeling like a superstar, let this Star Dangle Tragus Stud add some aurora color and dangle motion to your cartilage piercing for look worthy of any heavenly body! If you really want some top style for your piercings, go over the top with this Jumble of Jewels cartilage stud that looks like you made a trip to a fine jeweler and bought out the whole shop! Or get gothic glam, color, and comfort all in one with our Internally Threaded Black Fan Labret for an all-in-one package that you can rock in multiple piercings!

     Septum rings are bold by nature but that doesn’t mean they can also be beautifully stylish too! Celebrate the big night precisely how you want with our CZ Gem Marquise Precision Hinge Segment Ring for an opulent look that’s a snap to insert and remove! Or get seriously luxe with our 14 karat white gold Clear CZ Gem Tension Captive Ring for a durable piece that you’ll wear into the New Year and beyond! If white gold is not your thing, try a sleek an angular look with our gold tone Sleek Triangle Septum Clicker, set with clear cubic zirconia gems for an added touch of stylish sparkle. Or if you prefer a more colorful look, check out our Blue CZ Gem Arc Hinged Segment Ring for a look that won’t ever leave you feeling blue, just looking fabulous!

     This New Year’s Eve, when you’re getting your look together, don’t leave your piercings out in the cold! Score some fresh new style that will have you ready to ring a new year while looking and feeling fabulous!