New Year, New Piercing Trends

New Year, New Piercing Trends

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 If you’ve spent much time on social media, you may have noticed that there are some very definite styles at play amongst the modified! Today we’re going to break down a few of these styles and give you some ideas on how to emulate the look, so you can decide if they work for you. There may be a whole new look you haven’t tried yet!


The Hardcore – This is a pretty easy look to spot. It’s spare, it has an industrial sort of feel to it, and it is punk as $%#!! The best way to start rocking this look is adding some spike ended jewelry to your piercings. Black ball ends also look great when sprinkled in for contrast. Another great idea is one our safety-pin themed items. Nose-to-ear chains are also great if you really want to take this look over-the-top!


Coolly Curated - This is a look that REALLY matches. You would choose a finish or color for your metal first. (Gold? Rose Gold? Classic Silver-tone?) Then you pick your theme. That can be anything from opals to flowers to something personally meaningful like music, cats, or crosses. The cohesiveness not only really shows off your personal style, but it also gives the casual on-looker an idea of what you’re into without a word being exchanged.



The Rainbow Bright – This may appear to be more of a mish-mash instead of a style at first glance. Look again and you’ll notice that the overall theme here is color, texture, and more, more, MORE! This is a fascinating look for people who have heavily modified ears. Rainbow anodized jewelry, different metal finishes, lots of gems and crystals, lots of texturized jewelry, funky plug sets, lots of EVERYTHING! This is a look that may not be for everyone, but if you’re daring enough to try it, it really makes an impact!



Symmetry Supreme – This is more of a piercing set-up than a jewelry style, but it’s most definitely a look. If you’re starting out on your modification journey, this is one of the first decisions you’ll have to make. Should everything stay symmetrically placed or will you be bold and place piercings wherever it suits? While both looks are fantastic and totally wearable, remember that an otherwise perfectly symmetrical look can be beautifully accented with a single off-set piercing to really accentuate the symmetry!



The Genuine Diva – If you’re going for a more subtle, modern classic, you can never go wrong with the real thing. Using 14kt gold (either white gold or yellow) and genuine gemstones can give you either understated glamour or a really rococo uptown style that will real rock their socks off! Remember too, diamonds aren’t the only gemstone to consider. A touch of color from a well-placed ruby or sapphire can really add some pop to draw the eye. And of course, everyone is rocking the opals these days! 



The Theme Is There Is No Theme – Can’t make up your mind? Too many choices? Why choose??? You can pick each piece separately, combine metal finishes, jewelry shapes, and add charms as you see fit. Don’t let people tell you that you can’t mix gold and silver tones or that you can put a classic gemstone piece with a fun holiday charm! It’s your body so decorate it as you see fit. 


     If you are in search of inspiration or something to do with that gift card you got for the holidays, hopefully this has given you a few ideas for a direction to go in. And don’t forget that social media can be a great resource for new looks to try….and a few things to avoid. Enjoy your new look and happy piercing!