New Trend: The Elf Piercing

New Trend: The Elf Piercing

     A new trend has popped up on the internet and is making serious waves! It’s called an “Elf Piercing”, probably named for the finished effect. Please note that this is a TEMPORARY look that can be worn for festivals, while LARPing, or other events. It is NOT a permanent piercing and cannot be left in place long-term.

     So, what is an Elf Piercing? Simply put, it’s a pair of helix piercings on opposite sides of the ear, connected with a single curved barbell. Sort of like an industrial piercing, but with a curved barbell instead of a straight one. The curved barbell pulls the edges of the ear together, giving the ear a pointed appearance. This is much simpler than getting one’s ear professionally pointed and isn’t permanent like ear pointing. 

     This is a look for people with two FULLY HEALED helix piercings. If your piercings are not fully healed, please do not try this until they are. The pulling of the jewelry against the tissue is liable to not only irritate a healing piercing but can even cause bumps or damage to the tissue. This is also why it cannot be worn long-term because that constant tension of jewelry against flesh will eventually cause serious issues. 

     If you don’t have the piercings to rock this style, clip-on ear points do exist in a variety of styles and materials. Or, if this is a look you want to rock forever, the option of ear pointing does exist. This is an extremely advanced body modification where a trained professional removes some of the cartilage from the top of the ear and sews the ends together. This is actually illegal in some countries. It is essentially minor surgery and, as such, is permanent. Therefore, this is an “at your own risk” type of modification.

     The Elf Piercing looks fantastic and is a great addition to your look, especially if you are going for a faerie or Cottagecore kind of style. It’s also a wonderful eye-catcher to sport at a festival or other event. However, please don’t forget to change the jewelry back to two separate piercings at the end of the day. Safety comes before style, and this is not safe to wear full-time. But as far as temporary fashion goes, this hot new trend is sure to excite any elf and fascinate all the faeries! Be safe and enjoy rocking those Elf ears!